More to Moeraki than boulders and seafood

December 31, 2008

The Moeraki boulders have always attracted visitors and Fleurs Place in the township has added to the reasons to stop.

However, the ODT shows there are other reasons for a visit.

He´s earned the QSM

December 31, 2008

North Otago retired farmer Lindsay Malcolm has more than earned the QSM he was awarded in the New Year honours.

He was born, brought up and farmed in the Enfield district where he was involved in a wide variety of community organisations including Young Farmers, Federated Farmers, school and hall committees and church.

He was also active further afield as North Otago president of Federated Farmers, chair of Network Waitaki, on the electoral college of the Meat and Wool Board and a member of the meat board.

His membership of comittees wasn´t just a token gesture, if he was involved at all he was committed to doing his best.

He has a keen interest in local history and with the help of a cousin, turned the letters his father wrote home when serving overseas in WWI into a fascinating book. Since then he also published a photographic history of the Enfield District and recently published a family history.

Inconsiderate drivers

December 30, 2008


If only . . .

December 29, 2008

. . .  Noah had left the rabbits behind because there is at least one large family in my garden, in spite of the presence of Pepper a Labrador/sheep dog cross with a penchant for chasing small, furry creatures.

I wouldn’t mind so much if they liked weeds but they’re more partial to flowers and are particularly fond of sweet peas.


Over packaged

December 28, 2008

Why does the wee camera memory card sitting on the ruler need all the packaging that’s sitting beside it?


Summer recipe #9

December 28, 2008


Mother’s Delight

Take one mother and place gently in hammock in sheltered spot.

Baste with sun screen.

Add several books and a selection of magazines.

Mix cool drinks and pour in at regular intervals to prevent dehydration.

Leave in peace until completely mellow.

NB – Mixture tends to curdle if shaken or stirred before properly rested.

Confession about the tree

December 27, 2008

Several people have left comments about the Christmas tree saga so I´d better confess it was based – somewhat loosely – on fact but there was a fair bit of literary licence.

To those who left comments, and all the other visitors to Homepaddock, I hope you had as happy and a relaxed Christmas as we did and that 2009 is especially kind to you and yours.

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