Macdoctor blog of week


The print edition of the Herald on Sunday has given its blog of the week to Macdoctor for his post on the government’s decision to fund 12 months of herceptin.

The blog is always good reading and the award is well deserved.

Bowalley Road


Chris Trotter’s blog Bowalley Road is named after the road leading to the North Otago farm where he spent his first nine years.

I had some time to spare on my way home from Dunedin on Friday so took a detour when I reached Herbert and found the road started here:


and went via this:


and this:


to here:


Of course I could have done a virtual drive with Google Street View.

Eleven days before Christmas


Twelve days before Christmas my farmer said to me, “If the wind keeps up the lucerne should be fit by mid-afternoon so we’ll start making hay and there could be a few extra men for tea. But if there’s time when we finish I’ll get the Christmas tree.”


Eleven days before Christmas my farmer said to me, “I’m going through to a sale in Central. I should be back in time for the school concert, and if I’m early I’ll get the Christmas tree.”

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