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This page gives you the opportunity to do any or all of that; it’s your page, write what you like on it – within the bounds of decency and without defaming anyone.

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  1. […] why I’ve created Your Page  (under pages between Archives and Recent Posts on the side bar). It gives you the opportunity […]


  2. Madeleine says:

    Just realised we were not linking to you – many apologies as I read your blog a lot and it is worth linking to.

    Rectifying that now – keep up the good work.



  3. homepaddock says:

    Madeleine – no need to apologise, you can’t link to every blog and I hadn’t linked to yours either (but I’ll rectify that now).


  4. Bodger says:

    Is there a homepaddock email address?


  5. homepaddock says:

    Bodger – ele at ludemann dot co dot nz


  6. Enjoy your blog very much. My blog has some rural undertones,


  7. Ayrdale says:

    Enjoy your blog. My focus is on a critical look at the greens…haven’t gone back into the archives but just see the one post on organics. Hoping for more and invite you to take a look at Ta.


  8. Several years ago I cut out this cartoon showing a guy with huge eyes—It was a direct on hit what was in my life at the time– workplace tretchery– and my position to it. I just remembered the cartoon in the last day or so and am glad to track down at least the text. How do I get the picture? Oh, it is still so funny. I believe it didn’t survive for my cartoons folder only because it became so tattered….


  9. Steve Martin says:

    I have a sneaky feeling that Fonterra buys palm oil and uses it for blending into other products.
    Anybody would think I am a Green Peace fan! Yeah Right.


  10. swinestein says:

    thought you might like this one


  11. homepaddock says:

    Enjoy it? Swinestein I love it, thanks.


  12. Andrei says:

    Ele do you know Maori or anyone who does – I need something translated fairly quickly.

    You have my Email can you let me know if you can help



  13. pdm says:

    Greetings HP – mid last week I sent a personal email to you about Argentina. As I have not received any reply I suspect you did not receive it. Will you please confirm and I will send again – I will check here or you can email me direct to the address you ask for with these posts.

    Thank you.


  14. Deborah says:

    Thank you, Ele! A friend in NZ told me about your piece on National Radio today, and the nice things you said about my blog. I’ve listened to it, and I thought that you got my political positions just right – left, but moderately so, and feminist, but not as stroppy as Cactus Kate and Roar Prawn.

    I really appreciate the things you said, and your kindness in saying them.


  15. Fonterra want Southland to upgrade it’s power supply, saying that unless it’s done and done soon, the rivers will run white with dumped milk.

    “The plant is run by coal and electricity, but needs both in unison to dry the milk into powder and to run such things as the computers and machines”
    “Fonterras submission says the upgrade to the power grid is necessary to protect against the potential environmental impact of dumping milk during a power outage”

    Fonterra, with their high standards of environmental stewardship clearly care deeply about polluting. It’s a shame that their own farms and factories are the source of the pollution they want to protect our environment from!

    Solid Energy (Coal Corp) throw their weight in too, because they’ll need gobs of power for their Lignite-to-Greenhouse gases plant.

    The Times article that reports these ‘developments’ closes by saying,
    “A decision on the proposal is expected in the next month and will be final unless a public conference is called for.”


  16. robertguyton says:

    It’s like a graveyard in here Ele!


  17. homepaddock says:

    That’s probably because few people want to comment on things I haven’t posted on, Robert.


  18. robertguyton says:

    What do you think about the Wong/Shipley situation Ele?
    Do you think Key’s response is appropriate?


  19. homepaddock says:

    Yes I think his response is appropriate – he wants to have all the facts before commenting.

    My view – nothing sinister, it’s only a postal address but if it had been me I would have used another address.


  20. robertguyton says:

    Thanks Ele.
    It’ll be very interesting to follow the developments around this, I’m sure.
    If anything new turns up, I’ll post my questions/observations here.


  21. Tony says:

    Is anyone aware and interested in the new bill about the fore shore and sea bed. RACIAL WAR. That’s all I have to say. Absolute madness. The Beaches and sea belong to all NZ’ers. Having to pay to go for a swim is what National are proposing. Madness. Please protest. Find out the facts and you will be discusted and dis illusioned about the government.


  22. adam2314 says:

    Good grief.. Have the TV on.

    An Earthquake of 8.4 to 8.9 has hit Japan. Massive damage.


  23. Andrei says:

    Here’s an Agricultural opportunity that might interest you


  24. EQforSuccess says:

    I would be happy to share my area of expertise with your followers – Emotional Intelligence. I help people uncover their strengths and achieve their highest potential. Visit my blog or Facebook at


  25. TraceyS says:

    Congratulations, Ele, on being appointed to the Small Business Development Group. I am sure you will contribute a lot.

    However, it was disappointing to see no-one appointed from Dunedin where so many people depend on a small business for their employment.


  26. homepaddock says:

    Thanks Tracey.

    Re no representation from Dunedin, I don’t think anyone is representing a particular geographical area. Most businesses in NZ are small to medium and will face similar issues regardless of where they are.


  27. ghanacare says:

    great job here. Just followed you at

    Hope you do likewise at



  28. tiffany267 says:

    Hi there,

    I love following your blog 🙂 Thanks for all the wonderful content that you post.

    I wondered if you wouldn’t mind checking out one of my latest posts which I think is relevant to your interests (i.e. issues for farmers, government abuses, etc.) :

    Your readers might also be interested in this story. Perhaps you might consider reblogging it, at I do with some of your posts 🙂

    Best wishes and keep up the great work.

    In love of liberty,


  29. homepaddock says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    Thanks for the kind words. I read your post with interest and will put a link to it in today’s rural round-up. I’ve been trying to find more information on what happened and why, there is obviously another side to the story.

    Scrapie is a very serious disease. We had TB in our dairy herd several years ago, lots of cows had to be killed, though post mortems on most found they weren’t infected.


  30. Andrei says:

    One of your favorites gets mentioned

    It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.

    as does one of mine

    Call me Ishmael.

    I don’t know if you saw this yet but it seems to be something that might engage your attention: The best first sentences in novels


  31. homepaddock says:

    Thanks – haven’t had a chance to check my real copy or on-line so hadn’t seen this.


  32. Trevor says:

    I’m shamelessly trying to leverage off your readership to get some attention on biochar in NZ. A search on your site shows that it has not really been covered here. There has been quite a bit of research on this subject in NZ, particularly in the last 5 years. NZ also has some interesting archaeological evidence of Maori use of charcoal in soil that may be analogous to terra preta in the Amazon basin. We kicked off a NZ interest group about 7 months ago with many goals in mind. Comments & support welcome…


  33. homepaddock says:

    Comments left here don’t get much response. If that happens, feel free to try again in the soapbox posts on Saturday or Sunday.


  34. trlahh says:

    It is not clear to me how you would start a new subject on your soapbox. Can you relocate my post for me?


  35. homepaddock says:

    Sorry, I can delete it but I can’t move it. To do it yourself you just click on comments and write one as you have here.


  36. Andrei says:

    Shipley’s bank role ‘treachery’, says Peters

    There’s a great deal more to this than meets the eye – interesting times we live in


  37. homepaddock says:

    Andrei – New Zealanders get another choice for banking.

    It will reduce the reliance on Australian-owned banks which spreads risk.

    And surprise, surprise, Peters proves he’s xenophobic again.


  38. Andrei says:

    A question for you Ele as a marriage celebrant

    Looking up the blurb about getting married in New Zealand it says only a registered celebrant (which includes some “ministers of religion”) can perform marriages in New Zealand

    But does this only apply to marriages that will be registered

    If a priest conducts a wedding that is not registered with births, deaths and marriages is this breaking any law? Or is this just a private matter

    There is a reason why I am asking this and maybe you are in a position to find the answer


  39. homepaddock says:

    A legal marriage requires a licence, the couple, 2 witnesses, a registered celebrant (either civil or organisational – i.e. one from a church), all of whom sign the particulars of marriage forms and the couple must say “I full name take you full name to be my lawfully wedded husband/wife” or words to similar effect.

    Anything which doesn’t have all of these isn’t a legal marriage, but not being legal marriage doesn’t necessarily make it illegal to conduct a ceremony.

    I officiated last week of a couple who had been legally married in a registry office a few days earlier, had another service in a mosque and the third conducted by me.

    I checked with Births Deaths and Marriages and was told as long as I made it clear it was a reconfirmation of their marriage and renewal of vows it was fine.

    That’s not quite what you’re asking about and it would be best to check with BD&M.


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