Your Page

From time to time someone posts a comment updating, giving a different perspective or making a new point on an old post where it’s unlikely anyone else but me will find it. (This happened here yesterday).

At other times people want to comment on the blog in general or raise something not covered by a post.

That’s why I’ve created Your Page  (under pages between Archives and Recent Posts on the side bar). It gives you the opportunity to do any or all of that; it’s your page, write what you like on it – within the bounds of decency and without defaming anyone.

2 Responses to Your Page

  1. wessextess says:

    I am a reluctant smallholder. We recently acquired 19.2 hectares of wasteland, untouched for 4 years and very flooded – yuk. Battling with a jungle.
    Have got some Wessex (hence my sobriquet) Saddlebacks to help clear the land and fallen in love with them – never knew pigs could be so rewarding.
    Found you site by accident looking for hot lemon recipes. and will pop back for more.

  2. homepaddock says:

    Thanks for dropping by, hope the lemon drink recipe worked.

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