North Otago Legends – Mike Gray


Damien Goodsir and Gary Kircher interview another North Otago Legend:

Mike Gray has been busy since he moved to the district, from restoring the Tokarahi Homestead to being involved in the Duntroon community. Starting life as an Auzzie hasn’t slowed him down too much and we can now claim him as one of our own. Mike is a key member of the Waitaki Whitestone Geopark trust and the Vanished World.

North Otago Legends – Phil Williamson


Damien Goodsir and Gary Kircher interview another North Otago Legend:

Phil Williamson is New Zealand’s greatest harness racing trainer and is known as “The Trotting Master’. To be honest Gary and I didn’t know Phil or much about his field of expertise but after chatting to him for an hour we were confident enough to put a wee bet on two horses trained by him at the Lates Oamaru races. 

North Otago Legends – Nick Shearer


Damien Goodsir and Gary Kircher interview North Otago Legends:

Sometimes it’s amazing what we don’t know about others. For example Nick Shearer has scaled New Zealand’s tallest peak Mt Cook/Aoraki five times. Nick was there when 12 million cubic meters fell off the mountain in the 1991 landslide causing it to lose 10 meters in height. 

Today’s podcast is a fantastic listen and maybe you’ll be inspired to conquer your own mountains.

Milne muses


North Otago Legends – Allan McLay


Allan McLay is another North Otago Legend:

Allan Mclay moved to North Otago when he was 15 and never left. He has done so much in, around and for North Otago it’s hard to fit it all into one podcast. The two term Mayor, businessman, visionary and entrepreneur has left his mark on Oamaru.

North Otago Legends – Lindsay Purvis


Damien Goodsir and Gary Kircher interview North Otago Legends:

He’s an Omarama local and North Otago Legend. Lindsay Purvis is a good man to know, not just for the easy going personality but for the wealth of knowledge he brings to the community. You may remember him as a farmer in Waianakarua or businessman in Omarama but his legacy will be the work he is currently doing with the ‘Otago Rural Support Trust’

‘She was history’


The British do ceremony well.

Coverage of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral was exemplary as was Kirsty Young’s closing monologue.


North Otago Legends – Bruce Albiston


Bruce Albiston is another North Otago Legend:

There are not too many in North Otago that know as much about our history as Bruce Albiston. Bruce’s passion for Historic buildings and local history is contagious. From owning Burnside Homestead to planning the ‘Scott Centenary’ Bruce has left his mark for future generations to come. 

Happy and Glorious



‘Laughter is the only cure for grief’


“ . . .  I believe that laughter is the only cure for grief and that love is stronger than death.” – Robert Fulghum.

North Otago Legends – John MacDonald


John MacDonald is another North Otago Legend:

How many people in their eighties can still play tennis three times per week? Well John MacDonald can and he still hits a few winners. John also talks about changes in the district after WW2 and what a young lad had to do to earn one shilling and what that would buy in town.

North Otago Legends – Russell Goodsir


Russell Goodsir is a North Otago Legend:

Today we interviewed Russell Goodsir and recorded some important history of our district. Russell helped build the rail bridge across the Waitaki and worked on the Benmore dam. He has built the retaining walls around Oamaru and laid thousands of pavers for St Kevins drive. On top of all this he was a New Zealand tug-of-war champion and a keen fisherman. 

North Otago Legends – Graeme Clark (Clarkie the Sparkie)


Graeme Clark is a North Otago Legend:

If an event is happening in Oamaru there is every chance that Graeme Clark is involved behind the scenes somewhere. From Victorian heritage celebrations to the Penguin Club. Clarkie is the Chair of the ‘Whitestone Civic Trust’ that does a lot of great work preserving our heritage buildings for future generations. Find out what his favourite heritage building is and why.

North Otago Legends – Adair Craik


This week’s North Otago Legend is Adair Craik:

Heart of gold is how I would describe Adair Craik. Adair is a multi talented sports women and business leader in North Otago. She is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get things done. A big part of her business is focused on non-profit organizations and a big part of her spare time is helping the next generation of athletics have all the opportunities available to them.

John Grenell 19.7.44 – 26.7.22


Country music singer John Grenell (formerly Hore) has died.

. . . Grenell, who was born in Ranfurly, had a number one hit single in the 1990s with the Jim Reeves song, Welcome To Our World.

The song was heavily featured nationally in a Toyota vehicle TV advertising campaign.

He also had a big hit with the song I’ve been everywhere which was adapted to feature many place names in Aotearoa.

He performed in several countries and won multiple country music awards. . .

North Otago legends – Jock Webster


Jock Webster is another North Otago legend:

Scientist, farmer, director, trustee and QSM, Jock Webster is a busy man in our community. In today’s podcast we talk about the many benefits that irrigation has brought to North Otago and the humble sunflower that has helped create a successful business. Jock is a family man and has passed onto his children a legacy that continues to bless the community.

Jock’s son and nephew featured on Country Calendar a few weeks ago, you can watch the episode here.

North Otago Legends – Derek Beveridge


Derek Beveridge is a North Otago Legend

It’s Sergeant Beveridge. Many young people have uttered the words ‘It’s Sergeant Beveridge’ over the last 36 years, some because they were on the wrong side of the law and others because it was Derek who believed in them and was there when they needed someone they could trust. Derek has helped more teenagers than he cares to remember, and North Otago is glad he did. Thanks Derek. 

North Otago Legends – Al Bell


Al Bell is a North Otago Legend:

Ko te joker e pai ana ki te ora (The joker who enjoys life) He calls himself the class clown or joker but in truth Al Bell just loves life and doesn’t take it too seriously.

Today’s podcast was a laugh and if Mr Bell taught you over the years you’ll know why. Al shares about teaching in the district and opens up about his art and why it’s a passion.  


North Otago Legends – Kristy Jennings


Kristy Jennings is a North Otago Legend:

From ‘Beauty Queen’ to ‘Godzone’  Kristy Jennings (Wilson) shares with us where life can take you when you say yes. A truly remarkable story of opportunities and persistence, overcoming fears and pushing yourself to the limit. Kristy is humble in her achievements and still a proud North Otago girl.

North Otago Legends – Win Stephens


Win Stephens is a North Otago Legend.

Four rowers, one cox and an exceptional coach put North Otago on the map in 1962. Win Stephens and his crew had the support of the entire district as he chased Gold at the Commonwealth Games.

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