Need time off from trees to see woods

October 16, 2014

There’s a lot of truth in this, as there is in most aphorisms.

But it shouldn’t be taken to mean you don’t need time off even if you really love what you do.

It’s good for relationships, your health and your business.

When you’re not on the ground dealing with the trees you’ve got more ability to see and think about and work out strategies for the woods.


October 1, 2014

She’d been through a very rough patch – three deaths in her immediate family, a marriage breakdown and other significant problems.

A friend told her that no matter how bad a day was, there would always be at least one good thing to be grateful for and she should remember that last thing before she went to sleep.

She was polite but unimpressed – what did the friend whose life appeared to be going so well know about tough times?

She was thinking about this, with rising anger, on her drive home when she rounded a bend and there, spotlighted in the setting sun were lambs gambolling in a patch of  daffodils.

She realised that this was one thing about which she could be grateful and resolved to follow here friends advice.

When she told me the story I decided I’d follow her example.

Some nights I forget, but more often than not I remember and sleep better for it.
Natural Solutions Magazine's photo.

Smiles and tears

May 27, 2014

Discussion with Simon Mercep on Critical Mass today was sparked by:

* Does smiling make you happy?

* The Smile Project


* Looking at tears under a microscope.


Looking and learning

May 13, 2014

Discussion with Simon Mercep on Critical Mass today was sparked by:

* Look Up – a YouTube video on social media which isn’t social. (I posted hte clip a couple of days ago – well worth a look and listen).

* Important life lesson from older people


* How to overcome regret

Losing and keeping friends

April 30, 2014

Discussion with Jim Mora on Critical Mass yesterday was sparked by:

* Time magazine’s list of 10 ways to lose friends


Kevin Roberts’ much more positive 10 ways to keep your friends


10 words to live by

March 18, 2014

Conversation with Jim Mora on Critical Mass this afternoon was sparked by:

Ten words everyone should live by at

Grammar no-nos and gadgets

March 4, 2014

Discussion with Jim Mora on Critical Mass today was sparked by:

These Famous Authors Made It Okay To Commit Grammar No-No’s among whom is one of my favourite poets, e.e. cummings.


What We Can Expect in Gadgets This Year  – I covet the solar rocking chair and the in-wall extension cord.



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