Confession about the tree

Several people have left comments about the Christmas tree saga so I´d better confess it was based – somewhat loosely – on fact but there was a fair bit of literary licence.

To those who left comments, and all the other visitors to Homepaddock, I hope you had as happy and a relaxed Christmas as we did and that 2009 is especially kind to you and yours.

5 Responses to Confession about the tree

  1. pdm says:

    HP – I just hope my comments added to the saga as they were intended.


  2. Stuart says:

    HP and I thought your Farmer was a bloke after my own heart. One Xmas eve the tree would still not have been collected and installed but at abiout 2am The farmer would need to leave his bed to., move the irrigator or do a lambing beat or some other slightly plausible excuse.
    He would return to his bed some time later and when you got up in the morning you would find installed a tree selected to suit it location perfectly with all the decorations on and the presents underneath it. He could only do this once but what a wonderful present.

    I was up at 4 am hooking up a DVD player one year, another 4am start was to get the Bread maker ( that years gift) to finish it task and fill the house with the wonderful smell of freshly baked bread at about the same time as JD would be waking up.

    See some of us blokes understand romance in our own special way.


  3. Lita says:

    Thankfully there was artistic licence used … or else, poor Farmer’s wife!

    Happy Festivities!


  4. JC says:


    She forgot the fuel.



  5. homepaddock says:

    PDM – yes your comments added to the saga, thanks.

    Stuart – wow that tree story will take some beating.

    Lita – the saga was based on several farmers in general and all their wives are more than able to stand up for themselves.

    JC – No she didn´t.


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