The best week of the year

December 27, 2008

This is my favourite week of the year.

It’s far too late to worry about whatever is left on the things-to-do-this year list and too soon to do any more than think about the things to put on next year’s list.

There’s usually enough left overs from Christmas so preparing meals is easy and if there’s a need to cook it’s most likely to be on a barbeque.

If the weather co-operates we might head for the hills, river or lake and if it doesn’t I’ll have my nose in a book.

If Father Christmas heard my hints I’ll  have several books to read, in case he didn’t there’ll be some on my not-yet-read shelf and if all else fails I’ll re-read some old favourites.


Saturday’s smiles

December 27, 2008

This can’t all be blamed on Christmas dinner.


Summer recipe #8

December 26, 2008


Summer Stew

Take one or two stressed parents.

Add several pressing work commitments, a long list of things-to-do-before-leaving and mix with holiday preparations.

Throw in a couple of last-minute hitches.

Top with several over-excited chidlren.

Place everything in cramped car and allow to simmer for several hours on crowded road.

When properaly stewed, remove family from heat, settle at the beach and immerse in fresh or salt water until cool.

Summer recipe #7

December 25, 2008


Family Flambe

Take at least three generations to ensure generous assortment of grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and offspring.

Throw in a handful of in-laws and mix with a few family friends.

Mariante in old memories spiced with a few new stories.

Stir occasionall to mix, taking care not to let old grievances come to the surface.

If mixture threatens to boil over, lighten with laughter and restore humour with large quanitities of tolerance and love.

All I want for Christmas

December 25, 2008




from The Best of Jock by David Hensaw, published by Hodder & Stoughton.

Summer recipe #6

December 25, 2008


Christmas Mooslie

Take a large herd of lactating cows and pour into dairy shed at dawn.

Add a worker and milk until cows are empty.

Wash down shed.

Turn cows out on to paddock.

Shift irrigator.

Repeat process in the afternoon.

Retire to bed early and dream of future when can pay someone else to work over Christmas.


December 25, 2008


I see a twinkle in your eye, so this shall be my Christmas star and I will travel to your heart: the manager where the real things are.

And I will find a mother there who holds you gently to her breast, a father to protect your peace, and by these things you shall be blessed.

And you will always be reborn and I will always see the star and make the journey to your heart: the manager where the real things are.

– Michael Leunig –

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