March 14, 2011

My best friend’s mother had a collection of the Anne of Green Gables books which I fell in love with when I was at primary school.

We didn’t know about role models then but I wonder how many girls learned to stand up for themselves and their rights because of her example?

I haven’t re-read the books for years but I did enjoy the mini-series which starred Megan Follows who celebrates her 43rd birthday today.

Money won’t make it better

March 14, 2011

The head of the Chinese embassy’s disaster relief centre, Cheng Lei, is asking for more compensation for the parents of children who were killed by the Christchurch earthquake.

Mr Cheng says that because of China’s one child policy, parents have lost a loved one and a major source of income after their retirement.

He says the Government should give economic assistance above what’s available under provisions such as ACC.

Mr Cheng says that would demonstrate the importance attached to the Chinese students based in this country, and those who may wish to come here in the future.

The dead students will be covered by ACC and insurance, but as a member of the bereaved parents club I know that no amount of money can make it better.

All the deaths are tragic.

If there is more tragedy for the Chinese families that is the consequences of their country’s one-child policy and we can’t be expected to pay for that.

Hat tip: NZ Conservative

Word of the day

March 14, 2011

Maieutic –  helping to bring forth ideas; of or relating to the aspect of the Socratic method that induces a respondent to formulate latent concepts through a dialectic or logical sequence of questions.

How much would you pay . . .

March 14, 2011

 . . . for a date with Labour list MP Sue MaroneyMoroney?

Spend this Saturday with Labour List MP Sue Moroney!

A day of fun filled adventure at the Te Rapa race course in Hamilton, and all for a good cause! A few racing tips included 🙂
All the money raised from this Auction will be going to World Vision to help them combat “The Global Food Crisis” which see’s over 1 billion people go hungry every day! That’s one in every six of us. . .

  . . . Seller Comment: Also up for Auction Coffee with Chris Carter 🙂 10:07 pm, Sun 13 Mar

Bidding started at $4.50, it is now at $15 and the reserve has been met.

Show shows farmers are happy

March 14, 2011

The Upper Clutha A&P Show is the South Island’s second biggest and in my – admittedly biased opinion – the best.

It would be difficult to find a more picturesque place to hold a show than just over the road from Lake Wanaka and the second weekend in March usually guarantees good late summer/early autumn weather.

While some shows have been shrinking, Upper Clutha has grown, creeping further and further on to Brownston Park each year. It’s only a few years ago that the show had a couple of hundred exhibitors, this year there were 300.

That makes it big enough to have plenty to see and do without being so big you can’t see it all.

The show always attracts good numbers from throughout the lower South Island and further afield – we had a couple of French visitors with us – and numbers were boosted by Christchurch refugees.

The mood this year was particularly buoyant. 

Farmers haven’t had a season like this with lamb, ewe, wool, beef, dairy, crop and forestry prices all up at the same time for years, if at all.

Usually farmer-to-farmer questions over the season get at least a few grumbles.  This weekend while no-one was boasting, there was a quiet confidence in farming.

It’s not often that all the stars align for primary producers but it’s happening now. Farmers are happy and it showed at the show.

This New Place

March 14, 2011

This New Place by Robert McGonigal was last week’s Tuesday Poem.

As always there are other gems from Tuesday poets in the side bar including:

For My Daughter in her Fifteenth Year (for International Women’s Day) by Catherine Bateson.

Maginificence  by Mary McCallum.

Mule Heart by Jane Hirshfield. 

and Orchid Tierney who has 3 x Flashcards  asks what happens when cultural signs and processes become disturbed?

MaCA only applies to wet bit

March 14, 2011

The Coastal Coalition has done a very good job of stirring up opposition to the Marine and Coastal Area Bill.

One of the lines they keep repeating is that the MaCA will enable Maori to prevent access to the beach.

But the MaCA doesn’t apply to the beach.

The beach is the dry bit. The MaCA applies to the wet bit, the foreshore and seabed which goes from the high tide mark to the 12 mile limit?

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