My best friend’s mother had a collection of the Anne of Green Gables books which I fell in love with when I was at primary school.

We didn’t know about role models then but I wonder how many girls learned to stand up for themselves and their rights because of her example?

I haven’t re-read the books for years but I did enjoy the mini-series which starred Megan Follows who celebrates her 43rd birthday today.

2 Responses to Carrots!

  1. I was very fortunate to meet Megan back in the 1980s when she was filming a move/series down in Wellington. I still have a polaroid of the two of us somewhere.


  2. Anne of Green Gables was awesome. I read the whole series as a kid. The mini series is in the Air NZ in-flight at the moment & I watched them all again last week one after the other over the course of a trip to Oz and back.


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