How much would you pay . . .

 . . . for a date with Labour list MP Sue MaroneyMoroney?

Spend this Saturday with Labour List MP Sue Moroney!

A day of fun filled adventure at the Te Rapa race course in Hamilton, and all for a good cause! A few racing tips included 🙂
All the money raised from this Auction will be going to World Vision to help them combat “The Global Food Crisis” which see’s over 1 billion people go hungry every day! That’s one in every six of us. . .

  . . . Seller Comment: Also up for Auction Coffee with Chris Carter 🙂 10:07 pm, Sun 13 Mar

Bidding started at $4.50, it is now at $15 and the reserve has been met.

6 Responses to How much would you pay . . .

  1. Deborah says:

    I wonder if you could run an alternative auction for MPs NOT to have coffee with…

  2. Alwyn says:

    I think you could at least give her the courtesy of spelling her name correctly.
    It is Moroney, not Maroney.

  3. homepaddock says:

    Thanks for the correction Alwyn. If it’s any consolation it wasn’t deliberate, merely a typo – you’ll see it was correct in the tag and I remember the spelling because someone found one of her billboards before the last election and painted out the last couple of letters in her name.

  4. Alwyn says:

    Thank you for the change. There are to many of the blocks that just play with the name thinking they are being witty.
    It doesn’t mean I would pay to have an afternoon with her. It would I fear be like the subject of the old joke.
    First prize is a week in Hamilton.
    Second prize is two weeks in Hamilton.
    You can delete this. I would hate to have all the Chiefs’ players chasing me down. Tana Umaga is really scary.

  5. Alwyn says:

    Whoops. Typo “Blogs” not “blocks”. I understand your problem.

  6. adam2314 says:

    Alwyn.. Alwyn.. Her name is spelt MORON aye !!

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