October 14, 2009

Either the Dominion Post political quiz is getting harder or I’m paying less attention to the news.

I got only 7/10 today.

Not sure where that leaves me when Kiwiblog declares 8/10 a failure.


October 14, 2009

Celebrating Cliff Richard’s birthday with Congratulations .

It was the Spanish canción del verano (summer song) in 1968. I’d have been at Intermediate school at the time.

The Garden Party

October 14, 2009

A bonus book for NZ Book month in honour of  Katherine Mansfield’s birthday:

The Garden Party, Katherine Mansfield’s New Zealand Stories, illustrated edition.

This book 16 stories, illsutrated with a selection of New Zealand and British pictures from the Auckland City Art Gallery which opened in 1888, the year Katherine Mansfield was born.

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If you’re a fan you may be interested in the Katherine Mansfield Society.

Did you see the one about:

October 14, 2009

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Science or magical thinking? at Sciblogs – Alison Campbell takes a scientific look at homeopothy.

Fly bye

October 14, 2009

The total of more than $1358 for return flights for two people between Oamaru and Wellington seemed a bit steep so I was going to try flights from Dunedin and Timaru instead.

Then I remembered that Eagle Air operates the service to Christchurch and connects with Air New Zealand Flights there.  However, when you book online for a return Oamaru-Wellington flight you don’t get any options for the onward legs. But if you try a multi-stop flight from Oamaru to Christchurch, Christchurch to Wellington and back you usually get some cheaper options.

I tired that and found that if we were prepared to spend an extra hour or two in Christchurch we could fly for nearly $500 less.

That’s a significant saving and I can’t understand why the website doesn’t offer options, especially when the Oamaru flights are going to stop at the end of the year because too few people have being using the service.

I wonder how many prospective passengers go to book online, find the price is too high and don’t know to try the multi-stop option?

It’s no use if you’re on a tight timetable. But if it doesn’t matter too much when you arrive and it takes a couple of hours to drive to Timaru or Dunedin airports, flying from Oamaru and spending an extra hour or two in Christchurch en route makes little difference to the overall travelling time.

A previous District Council fought hard to get flights back to Oamaru, it would be a shame to lose the service. 

If too few passengers is the problem, it might make a difference if would-be travellers were given some cheaper  options when they try to book online rather than just the most expensive one.

PGW befriends British rural firm

October 14, 2009

PGG Wrightson Real Estate has entered into an association with Bidwells, one of Britain’s oldest rural real estate and agribusiness consulting firms.

The relationship is expected to provide a wider market for New Zealand rural properties and also provide opportunities British and Europeans who want to invest in agribusiness.

It sounds good to me but just wait for the howls of anguish from people who don’t like the idea of overseas investors buying farmland.


October 14, 2009

Tessa Duder’s heroine Alex is articulate, feisty, talented, determined and fragile.

She is a champion swimmer, aiming to qualify for the Olympics. She’s also a hockey player, musician and an amateur dramatist who faces health problems and a tragedy.

The book gripped me from the opening sentence, held me through to the last word and stayed with me long after I finished it.

It is the first book in a quartet and the author maintains the high standards she set in the first book in all of the other three.

Alex won the New Zealand Story Book of the Year in 1988 and it also won the Esther Glen Award for children’s writing.


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Post 14 in the post a day for New Zealand Book Month challenge.

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Rob posts on 101 Great Tramps and Grant Smithies’ SoundTrack.

Over at In A Strange Land Deborah posts on Seadog: A tale of Old New Zealand by Dorothy Butler, illustrated by Lyn Kriegler.

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