Killing Me Softly

July 19, 2018

Will left a comment on last night’s gratitude post pointing out that Roberta Flack sang strumming my pain with his fingers not strumming my face . . .


I first heard the song sung by a friend’s sister in the early 1970s, I went to a Roberta Flack concert in the Christchurch Town Hall a few years later, I own an LP on which it features, I’ve heard it sung on the radio countless times and it’s on my playlist on Spotify.

Every one of those countless times I’ve listened to it I’ve heard face not pain.

But Will’s right it is pain. 

Sigh, I much preferred the interpretation I’d made of the meaning when it was face.

Paul McCartney Car Pool Karaoke

July 1, 2018

A little something for a Sunday singalong.

There’s a Hole in my Budget

May 17, 2018

Hat tip: The Panel at RNZ National

Oh Valiant Hearts

April 25, 2018

Mr Scott, the music teacher at Oamaru Intermediate School was a returned service man.

We might not have appreciated the stories he told of World War II but we took his preparations for Anzac Day seriously and approached the service with the solemnity it was due.

Among the songs he taught us was Oh Valiant Hearts, words written by John Arkwright and Charles Harris, music by Edward Hopkins, and sung here at Menim Gate by Emma Brown.

Land of Hope and Glory

April 23, 2018

Adam at Inquiring Mind reminded me today is St George’s Day which prompted me to find this:

Stadiums don’t make profits but

April 3, 2018

Economists generally agree that stadiums don’t make profits.

I am not equipped to argue against that but, profitable or not, Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr stadium is making a huge contribution to the social life and economy not just of the city but the wider region.

South-bound traffic was bumper to bumper on State Highway 1 through Oamaru on Thursday as people from Canterbury headed to Dunedin for Ed Sheeran’s first concert.

Traffic heading north and east to the city were just as busy.

The ODT reported on a city full of people enjoying themselves, and spending up large through the weekend.

North-bound traffic was bumper to bumper as people headed home yesterday and businesses en route benefitted from travellers who stopped.

Riverstone Kitchen, north of Oamaru and a few kilometres on the right side of the Waitaki River, is always popular with locals and travellers.

But this Facebook post shows how busy it was this weekend, owing in no small part to concert goers stopping on their way to and from Dunedin.

Easter Weekend – 5 record breaking MAMMOTH DAYS!

Here’s a few stats for you:
38kg Coffee used
over 1/2 tonne of potatoes
25 staff with an accumulated 916 hours worked
2420 people eating in the restaurant ( plus many more takeaways we didn’t count)
95kg fish
312 litres milk
and 218 Hot Cross Buns (sold on just 1 day!)

We hope you all had a good weekend and got to relax a little more than we did.  . . 

The building of the stadium attracted a lot of critics, some still argue against it. They may have grounds for their criticism.

But when the stadium has a show that attracts visitors numbering more than half the city’s population and their spending benefits many businesses en route as well, the optimism of those who backed it is vindicated too.


Stabat Mater

March 30, 2018

Music for Easter – Antonio Vivaldi’s Stabat Mater:

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