April 10, 2017

If only supermarket shopping could be this entertaining:

Peter Sarstedt 10.12.41 – 8.1.17

January 11, 2017

Singer-songwriter Peter Sarstedt has died.

He died peacefully after a six-year battle with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, a family statement said. . . 

Born into a musical family in India, Sarstedt was one of three brothers who all enjoyed success in the UK singles chart. . . 

Sarstedt’s music reached new audiences when Where Do You Go To (My Lovely) was included in the Wes Anderson films Hotel Chevalier and The Darjeeling Limited, which were both released in 2007. . . 

Quote of the day

December 27, 2016

Bienaventurados los pobres porque saben, con certeza, que no ha de quererles nadie por sus riquezas.

Bienaventurados los que alcanzan la cima porque será cuesta abajo el resto del camino.

Bienaventurados los que aman porque tienen a su alcance más de un cincuenta por ciento de un gran romance.

Bienaventurados los que están en el fondo del pozo porque de ahí en adelante sólo cabe ir mejorando.

Bienaventurados los que presumen de sus redaños porque tendrán ocasiones para demostrarlo.

Bienaventurados los que contrajeron deudas porque alguna vez, alguien hizo algo por ellos.  – Joan Manuel Serrat who celebrates his  73rd birthday today.


Blessed are the poor, for they know for certain that no one is to love them for their riches.

Blessed are those who reach the summit because it will be downhill the rest of the way.”

Blessed are those who love because they have at their disposal more than fifty percent of a great romance.

Blessed are those who are at the bottom of the well, because from then on, it is only possible to improve.

Blessed are those who boast of their journeys because they will have occasions to prove it. 

Blessed are those who incurred debts because sometime, someone did something for them.

The words are from the song Bienaventurados:

Te Harinui

December 25, 2016

Bunny Walters 31.5.53 – 14.12.16

December 14, 2016

Bunny Walters, one of the 1970’s iconic New Zealand singers has died:

. . .  A descendant of Ngāi Te Rangi, Mātaatua waka, Walters was 63-years-old.

Walters was best known for his hits Nearest thing to Heaven, Take the money and run and Brandy. . . 

366 days of gratitude

December 6, 2016

The piano came with the house which came with the farm which came with my farmer when we married.

It was tuned regularly when played regularly but for the last few years it has been neither played regularly nor tuned.

As pianos that aren’t tuned are wont to do, it didn’t sound as good as it should and it was only when a visitor tried playing it a couple of weeks ago that I realised how bad it was.

I called a tuner and who came out from town today.

Three hours later the piano was back to concert pitch.

My mother told me I’d regret not continuing with musical lessons when I was a child and she’s right. But I learned, and have remembered, enough to play simple tunes when no-one else is close enough to be annoyed by it and I’ve been playing Christmas carols to myself this evening.

The pianist has more enthusiasm than talent but the piano can’t be faulted and I’m very grateful to the tuner for that.


My playing reminds me of the story of the child who came home from school and reported that the new teacher was a better pianist than her mother because the teacher could perform with only one hand.



Scotland the Brave

November 30, 2016

Another tribute to St Andrew’s Day:

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