Confusion and disconnection undermine confidence

There’s general agreement on the need for wider testing to determine how widespread community transmission of Covid-19 is but confusion on whether it can be done:

Healthcare workers say coronavirus tests are being withheld because of limited supply, despite the prime minister’s insistence clinicians have both the resources and permission to test.

A new coronavirus testing criteria was released late on Wednesday, permitting the testing of patients with Covid-19 symptoms but no connection to overseas travel or another coronavirus case.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who announced the expansion of the criteria the day prior, again said there was ample testing capacity at a Wednesday press conference — it just hadn’t been used by clinicians.

But a Wellington GP, who spoke to Stuff on the condition of anonymity, said there were not enough testing swabs for the number of patients presenting Covid-19 symptoms. His clinic had ordered 30, but received five as the laboratory was trying to preserve supplies.  

And some swabs of patients were not run by the laboratory for failing to strictly meet the prior testing criteria.

Staff from two Wellington clinics told Stuff on Wednesday morning they had not received any information from the ministry regarding the expanding criteria, and their clinics would go ahead and test people with possible Covid-19 symptoms until further guidance was issued. 

But at a Canterbury GP clinic, a nurse said her practice had been told to continue using the former, stricter criteria in the absence of an update from the ministry. 

The nurse, who similarly spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the ministry had told clinical leaders there were not enough swabs and the labs did not have enough reagents to test everyone with symptoms.

“We are seeing many people with coronavirus symptoms who we cannot test.”

She said GPs at her practice had used their discretion – as the prime minister and director general of health Ashley Bloomfield had repeatedly recommended – and swabbed people with symptoms, only to have the labs refuse to test them.  . . 

If clinicians think people should be tested, and put them through the discomfort of the swabbing process, how can labs not test them?

Either the PM is right and there are enough swabs but there’s a problem with the distribution and also with communication between the Ministry, clinicians and labs;  or the doctors and nurses are right and there aren’t enough swabs and labs aren’t testing all they’re sent.

Whoever is right, the issue must be sorted and sorted urgently.

Compliance with the draconian loss of liberty to which we’re all being subjected and the costs imposed by it requires community buy-in, and that requires confidence in what’s being done and how it’s being done.

These mixed messages over testing undermine confidence.

It doesn’t help when the Minister of Health drives 2km to go mountain biking when the police have told us we have to exercise close to home, not drive then exercise.

And the disconnection between key agencies doesn’t help either:

Today’s meeting of the Epidemic Response Committee has shown how disconnected the three key agencies, Health, Customs and Police, are in enforcing the self-isolation of New Zealanders and shows why a quarantine is needed immediately, Leader of the Opposition Simon Bridges says.

“The Director-General of Health has been clear that all returning New Zealanders should be visited by a Police Officer within the first three days of them returning home.

“Today outgoing Police Commissioner Mike Bush admitted while they would like to visit all returning New Zealanders, they’ve failed to do so, confirming officers have been unable to visit all of the more than 4000 people who’ve come back to New Zealand within three days.

Police would like to visit all returnees but have failed to do so. That doesn’t inspire confidence that the lockdown will work.

“Following that admission, Customs Minister Jenny Salesa was asked about how Customs saw self-isolation being enforced, and she said Police were not expected to check up on all returning New Zealanders, instead they could do spot checks. That isn’t good enough.

“There shouldn’t be this much confusion. These agencies need to be a cohesive team. Instead New Zealanders are just seeing more and more mixed messages.

“It is clear from today’s questioning that New Zealand needs an enforced quarantine for those entering New Zealand at the border. For weeks our borders have been porous, with no thermal testing being undertaken and the self-isolation of New Zealanders not being policed well enough. That has to stop.

“Effective quarantining has been the foundation of other countries’ successful responses. Here in New Zealand we’ve been waving people through and trusting them to self-isolate.

“Today’s questioning has raised serious concerns about how well this lockdown is being policed and shows exactly why we need to be quarantining at the border. New Zealanders are sacrificing a lot right now, the key agencies involved in the response need to ensure they aren’t leaving the barn door wide open.”

Never before have New Zealanders been asked to give up so much and at such a horrific economic and social cost.

The government and its agencies can’t expect us to do all we can to comply if they aren’t demonstrating they are doing everything they can, and should, be doing to ensure the lockdown achieves its aim of eliminating COvid-19.

5 Responses to Confusion and disconnection undermine confidence

  1. adamsmith1922 says:

    Reblogged this on The Inquiring Mind and commented:
    As the ERC sessions have revealed there is considerable confusion and disarray. Yesterday’s ERC was as Homepaddock indicates especially illuminating see


  2. Andrei says:

    “Il meglio è l’inimico del bene”

    That is the problem with the chattering classes, they have the ideas but no concept of the practicalities involved in implementing them

    It would be great to be able to test every individul in New Zealand in ome day for infection or antibodies that would show recovered infection but it can’t be done.

    In theory locking everyone down for a month, two months, three months… will eliminate the virus in New Zealand and then sealing the borders so no-one currently not in New Zealand cn ever come here.

    But of course that can’t be done either.

    It was always a quixotic task to try and eliminate this virus and the lockdown is a catastrophe for the productive elements in our society who actually fund the health system and the clueless beaureacrats who have inflicted this upon us in the first place.

    If you own a business and employ staff the government package aint going to save you – it i only going to partially cover the wages of your idle staff, the bank is still going to charge interest on your loans, the council will still demand your rates. And all the while no money is coming in and future orders have dried up.

    Over the last couple of months the media has been scaring the hell out of everybody with hyperbolic tales of mass deaths

    Shit like this Pentagon Confirms It’s Seeking 100,000 Body Bags in Virus Crisis – illustrated with a photograph of a body being removed from a refrigerated truck. to a hospital morgue

    My guess is that body is a homeless person who died on the street and probably not from COVID-19. There are of course 70,000 homeless people in NYC who regularly die on the street . several every day and the city has a crew dedicated to the task of removing them from where hey lie to the morgue – where atempts are made to identify them and find nextof kin. frequently without success Imight add.

    When I was working in Africa we would see dead bodies on the street virtually every day. they would eventually be moved but it wasn’t given priority

    Anyway that story with its picture is designed to raise fear and apprehension

    True leadership in times of crisis is to project confidence and suppress panic not feed it – while encouraging people to get on with what needs to be done.

    And this of course includes carrying on with our daily lives as best as we can and keeping the economy going


  3. Andrei says:


  4. Teletext says:

    Once again this COL has proven that it is totally incompetent at governing. The only person missing in action seems to be the OAP WRP. Hasn’t it be pleasant not having to listen to his droning and dribbling on over the last week. It’s been difficult enough listening to our PTPM carrying on as if she knows what should be done.

    Was pleased to read today that both Steven Joyce and Bill English have spoken out on the need to plan for what’s happening with the “lockdown” and when finishes. These two plus their former leader should be called on to get the planning underway and make sure that it is implemented properly. If it is left to the current incompetents then God (or your equivalent) help us. Sadly, for the country, I can’t see it happening.


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