Friday’s answers

Andrie and Teletext get my thanks for posing Thursday’s questions.

They can claim a virtual bunch of Christmas lillies by leaving the answers below.

2 Responses to Friday’s answers

  1. Teletext says:

    Who have the following First (Christian) names?

    1. John Fitzgerald …….?


    2. Thomas Cruise …….. IV ?

    Mapother aka Tom Cruise

    3. John Ronald Reuel …….?

    JRR Tolkein

    4. Clive Staples …..?

    CS Lewis

    5. Anna Mae …….?

    Bullock aka Tina Turner

    6. James Paul ………?


    7. Reginald Kenneth ……?

    Dwight aka Elton John

    8. Raymond Charles ……..?

    Robinson aka Ray Charles

    9. Marie McDonald McLaughlin ……?

    Lawrie aka Lulu

    10. Marion Mitchell ……..?

    Morrison aka John Wayne


  2. Andrei says:

    Olympic woes inspired by the sorry events of this week

    (1) Where the 1968 Olympics held?

    What was the major controversy?

    Mexico City where the altitude was a problem and two American Athletes were sent home in disgrace for politicizing the games with a podium Black Power salute

    (2) Where were the 1972 Olympics held?

    What was its issue?

    Munich which will always be remembered for the massacre of members of the Israeli team by Black September

    (3) Where were the 1976 Olympics held?

    What was its major issue?

    Montreal – New Zealand’s participation led to a mass boycott of these games by 29 African Nations

    (4) Where were the 1980 Olympics held

    What was its major issue

    Moscow – boycotted by the USA’s and some other Western Nations for the USSR’s involvement in Afghanistan Thus demonstrating hypocrisy of the highest order

    (5) Where were the 1984 Olympics held?

    And its issue

    Los Angeles Boycotted by most of the Eastern block after the 1980 boycott of Moscow

    (6) Where were the 1988 Olympics held

    And its issue was?

    Seoul – and these games will be remembered for the records that fell that have never been broken since due to the use of drugs by elite sportspeople


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