The Willow Singers: Po Atarau – Now is the Hour


Tempus is fugiting (fugitting?) faster than ever.

Here we are on the last day of May and day 31 of the tune a day challenge for New Zealand Music Month.

It’s increased my knowledge and appreciation of New Zealand music and musicians.

Since it’s good bye to music month, I’ve chosen a song of farewell: Po Atarau – Now is the Hour – sung by the Willow Singers: soprano Hannah Timms, alto Valarie Tan and baritone Issac Stone.

Congratulations to Keeping Stock and Inquiring Mind who accepted, and succeeded, in the challenge of posting a song a day and Rob who made it on nearly every day.

Their posts yesterday were:

Johnny Devlin at Keeping Stock

Greg Johnson sings Looking out on Monday at Inquiring Mind

Herbs Listen and Graham Brazier, Harry Lyon and Hammond Gamble sing Sea of Heartbreak at Rob’s.

Otago University Capping Show Sextet


Day 20 in the tune a day challenge for NZ Music Month takes us to Dunedin.

Otago University can claim many achievements, one of which is that it has the longest running Capping Show in the country.

It’s on at the moment and one of the most popular acts will be the Sextet. They’re famed for singing the best versions of the worst songs because while their voices are sublime the lyrics are usually not.

I didn’t hear anything too risque in this but rural broadband makes listening to videos a stop-start process and the words aren’t always clear so be warned I might have missed something.

Catching up on other blogs:

Rob chose: One Good reason from The Swingers and Dave McArtney’s Virginia.

Inquiring Mind went for The Warratahs with Hand on My Heart

Keeping Stock brought us Flight of the Conchords with Business Time

Artandmylife presents Graham Brazier with Billy Bold.

Boh Runga – Starfish Sleeping


Day six of the NZ Music Month tune a day challenge.

Boh Runga with Starfish Sleeping:

Over at Inquiring Mind Th’ Dudes are Walking In Light

At Keeping Stock Graham Brazier sings Billy Bold

And at Rob’s Blockhead Blog it’s Rain and Tears from Hi Revving Tongues

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