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Birdsofparadise – from Nicole Were, a New Zealander living in Yellowknife in the northwest of Canada (interviewed for the best song segment on Afternoons by Jim Mora on Thursday)

Otago University Capping Show Sextet


Day 20 in the tune a day challenge for NZ Music Month takes us to Dunedin.

Otago University can claim many achievements, one of which is that it has the longest running Capping Show in the country.

It’s on at the moment and one of the most popular acts will be the Sextet. They’re famed for singing the best versions of the worst songs because while their voices are sublime the lyrics are usually not.

I didn’t hear anything too risque in this but rural broadband makes listening to videos a stop-start process and the words aren’t always clear so be warned I might have missed something.

Catching up on other blogs:

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Who said what about whom?


When I studied English literature it overwhelmingly meant poetry and prose by English, or at least British, people.

I’ve broadened my reading since then, but not enough to be able to win the chocolate fish which Art & My Life has offered to the first person to identify who or by whom three quotes were made.

You have until this evening to give her the answers.

While on matters literary:

 Quote Unquote  has a reminisence of Frank Sargeson by Kevin Ireland.

Mary McCallum  reviews The First Touch of Light,  by Ruth Pettis which was published after the author’s death and Vanda Symon  posts on the book’s launch.

Happy birthdays


Poneke and Artandmylife have both turned one.

Posts on both are more about quality than quantity.

Poneke has entertained, informed, sometimes provoked but never bored me – even though he’s definitely told me more than I ever thought I’d need to know about buses 🙂

Artandmy life has, not surprisingly given its name, increased my knowledge and appreciation of art.

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