Saturday’s smiles

A couple emerged from a restaurant on a rainy evening to find that
they had locked the keys in the car.

The woman suggested they phone the AA but the man said he’d be able to open the door with a wire coat hanger.

He we went back to the restaurant to get one but they didn’t have any.

The woman again suggested phoning the AA but the man said he was sure the department store a couple of blocks away would still be open.

The woman returned the to restaurant to wait while her husband jogged to the store and back.

He returned with a triumphant grin and a wire coat hanger.

After a few attempts, he managed to slip the hanged down the side of the door and release the lock.

They got in, found the key and the man slid the coat hanger under the seat.

“Don’t forget it’s there,” he said. “If we ever lock ourselves out again we’ll know where to find a hanger.”

2 Responses to Saturday’s smiles

  1. Andrei says:

    Careful you will have Julia Gillard going into a rant about “sexism” and how offended she is.

    Well not really misogyny is a favoured buzzword of feminist airheads while misandry by definition does not exist


  2. pdm says:

    He would have been better to put it in the boot. lol.


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