Where do they get the money?

New Zealand schools are surrounded by junk food:

Councils are being urged to toughen up their rules on fast food outlets, after a study showing most schools are less than a kilometre from unhealthy food shops.

The Auckland University study – published today in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine – mapped nearly every school in the country in 2014 and their proximity to takeaways and dairies.

View the study: ‘Obesogenic Retail Food Environments Around New Zealand Schools’

It showed some schools were surrounded by dozens of unhealthy food outlets, and the shops tended to be closer to poorer schools than wealthier ones. . . 

Country schools are usually many kilometres away from any sort of shop but the proximity of food shops to town schools doesn’t surprise me.

There was a grocers and fish and chip shop directly opposite my primary school and a couple more about half way on the mile walk home.

Whether or not there are more outlets, one thing that must have changed is children’s ability to buy food.

When I was at school no-one had much money and the little we had was usually saved for something special.

We all had breakfast before we got to school and had packed lunches to eat while there too.

So where are the children getting the money from and do they have breakfast at home and food from there for lunch?

If being given money instead of food and not being fed well is the problem, banning outlets isn’t going to solve it because children will find a way around the ban.

One Response to Where do they get the money?

  1. Andrei says:

    NZ schools surrounded by junk food

    “Junk food” is a term used almost exclusively by harridan spinster women and emasculated males – self appointed ninnies with pickles up their backsides whose mission in life is to make everyone as miserable as they are

    Take for example the Big Mac a frequent target for the ire od thes sorry individuals

    It is in fact a cheap and nutritious item full of the things a human being needs to function

    It is however energy rich (good for normal people who don’t sit on their backsides all day producing crap about “junk food” instead of doing an honest days work)

    And thus if cube workers in concrete towers gorge themselves on them they get fat and extrapolate their own indolence to those who do real work in cold conditions and need energy and for who several big macs fill the gap nicely

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