D is for

Kim Dotcom plans to launch his iNternet Party today.

He has money, though some of it is owed to creditors.

He doesn’t have any of the 500 members he’ll need to register the party. Given he’s launching an app to encourage people to sign up for a very small sum, it might not be hard to recruit them.

But it takes a lot more than money and members who pay pennies to win voter support.

Vernon Small writes that D is for Dotcom, desperate and dateless:

. . . Despite Kim Dotcom’s schmoozing of MPs from most Opposition parties at his mega-mansion, the last chance for a significant tie-up – at least with a party that can be confident of holding a seat after September 20 – seems to have faded to black.

Without that, the Internet Party is facing the reality of its pledge to fold the tent and endorse another party if it is not polling more than the 5 per cent threshold before the election campaign.

Would it be too cruel to mark a party’s death on the day it is born? . . .

Hone Harawira won’t do anything unless Dotcom refuses to entertain any deal with National and has several other reasons to stay clear of the dotbomb party:

They don’t have a real membership base.

They don’t have clear policies.

They don’t have recognisable political leaders.

They don’t have any candidates.

Time is short to prepare for the election and to organise the campaign.

Asking members to put election prep on hold “while we wait for the Internet Party to decide what they stand for is just not an option”.

If that’s not bad enough Whaleoil has allegations about Dotcom’s admiration for Hitler.

If that’s true then let’s hope D is also for doomed and the Internet Party will follow many others that fail.





4 Responses to D is for

  1. Andrei says:

    In a world of suffering, injustice and tragedy all we care about is a fat German who happens, amongst other things, to own an autographed copy of “Mein Kampf”?

    This is beyond banal.

    The fact that National Party activists harp on and on about K Dotcom instead of things that really matter is a sad indictment on what they are about, what they care about, perhaps.

    I care about leaving New Zealand, and as we can the world itself a better place for future generations, starting with those who a growing now, our children and not only their material prosperity but their social, cultural and spiritual prosperity as well.

    Still carry on with the circuses and I’ll cast my vote in September by not voting – its all a rational man can do


  2. Gravedodger says:

    Apart from the exploitation of the perceived unfairness of the Treaty of Versailles and the direction offered to the thousands of unemployed demobbed military what did Schicklgruber offer Germany in the early 1920s, bugger all, yet by the late 1930s he held the whole Nation in his thrall.
    Mind you all remnants of opposition were either dead, emigrated or completely cowed.
    It is a mystery to me why almost to a man, woman, person, whatever, socialists paint Alios’s little boy, incorrectly as a rightwinger.
    Herr Hitler was an out and out SOCIALIST;
    Manipulation of what was perceived as democratic process, Hitler reached the office of Chancellor as a minority party leader in a supposed Conservative coalition albeit as leader of the largest bloc.
    Mob rule,
    Destroyed democracy,
    State sanctioned thuggery,
    Centralised planning,
    Elimination of all opposition,
    Exhaust any residual value in the condemned, both money and health,
    One party rule and no elections,
    Hell it was Marxism sans the books of Marx, Engels and Co.
    Sheesh, the only bits for committed socialists to grasp was the elimination of all socialists and communists because they were a THREAT.
    Ignore the obese Kraut and his ownership of a rare copy of Mein Kampf, just read the book and list the inconvenient traits of Herr Schmitt.

    The pity was so very few did read his ravings before his megalomania unfolded, Herr Schicklgruber I mean, Not Herr Schmitt.

    Edmund Burke’s words loom large today, ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’

    Thanks a bunch for MMP, may all those who rode in on it be first to the Camps.


  3. jabba says:

    I guess Herr Dotcom has decided to ignore Russellll Normans plea to not go ahead with his new “Party”


  4. Andrei says:

    Well Gravedodger@9:40 am wasn’t it lucky then that Stalin was around to kick his ass 🙂


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