Democracy worked

The sky didn’t fall:

The principal of a Christchurch school where a convicted white supremacist failed to be elected to its board believes the outcome underlines what the school is about.

Philip Arps put his name forward as a candidate for one of the five parent representatives at Linwood’s Te Aratai College.

The election results were published earlier today, with Arps the lowest polling candidate.

Arps was jailed for 21 months after sharing footage of the 15 March Christchurch mosque attacks. . .

Arps’ nomination caused widespread alarm and questions over whether his nomination could be stopped.

But Mike Hosking pointed out, democracy worked:

Right, panic over, democracy wins. Philip Arps is not going to be on the school board in my old hood of Linwood in Christchurch.

Hopefully for all those getting exercised about the fringe players in the upcoming local bodies can sit back a bit and realise democracy, by and large, works.

Not perfectly, and not to our satisfaction a lot of the time, but it’s a hell of a lot better than most of the alternatives.

The danger these days is we don’t seem to like democracy anymore. In America the right thinks the election was stolen. They don’t trust voting or voters.

In a place like New Zealand the left get all upset when they see someone who is a bit weird on Facebook. The campaigns that have been launched here are the height of arrogance. They smack of “we know best.”

They say “Of course we like democracy, vote for any one you like. Unless, of course, it’s one of those people we’ve decided you shouldn’t vote for.” . . 

In spite of their claim to be liberal, it is more often people on the left, rather than centre or right,  who get exercised by some people’s political aspirations and want to stop them by other means than democracy.

How often do we see people who want to stop those on the the far right, being concerned by candidates and activists on the far left?

Have you ever seen or heard the term far left, or even left being attached to, for example, Greenpeace and its members?

Has anyone tried to change the rules to stop people with views at the opposite extreme of Arps’ seeking election?

There are very good reasons to be concerned about Arps or anyone else with his views being elected to a school board, council or parliament.

There are equally good reasons to be concerned  about people with extreme views at the other end of the political spectrum.

But the answer to the problem of extremists isn’t panicked attempts to stop some people standing. It’s trusting democracy to work, as it did with this school board elections.


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