Word of the day


Trumperiness – the state of being extremely showy, yet utterly worthless.

Red meat’s place in diet


Diana Rodgers answers the question: where does red meat fit in a modern diet?

Can’t draw?


When fine motor skills were distributed I missed out.

My handwriting is so bad I once spent several minutes trying to transcribe shorthand before realising I’d written in longhand.

But while watching this, I managed to produce a cartoon figure that was recognisably similar to the one Graham Shaw had drawn.

If you watch to the end you’ll find the lesson isn’t just about drawing, there’s an important message about life too.

Do as I say


It’s not hard to pick holes in the rhetoric of the school pupils who are striking for climate change.

They want the national dairy herd to be halved with absolutely no consideration of the economic and social costs here.

Nor do they show any consideration of the environmental costs as farmers in other countries with far less efficient methods than ours increase production to compensate.

They also want to get rid of fertiliser with no idea of the impact that would have on world hunger.

And this interview by Heather du Plessis-Allan with one of the strikers has to be one of the best examples of do as I say not as I do.

Therehas been criticism of the way the interviewee was treated and I agree the laughter was over the top.

But if a 16 year-old acting politically can’t be treated like an adult in an interview,  16 year-olds should not get the vote.

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