Ray Columbus & The Invaders – Till We Kissed

A Saturday morning bonus for New Zealand Music Month – Ray Columbus and The Invaders with Till We Kissed.

This was the group’s biggest hit, selling 50,000 copies in 1965. It was still popular four years later because I can remember it being played at an Intermediate School disc dance.

4 Responses to Ray Columbus & The Invaders – Till We Kissed

  1. Gary says:

    I remember Ray Columbus playing at an Oamaru Intermediate School disco… but that was well after his “Invader” days!


  2. Geoff Heaps says:

    The Invaders clip reminded me of the Mataura connection with the band

    …Peter Ward decided to get married and leave the Invaders. A replacement was soon found in Jimmy Hill.

    He came from Mataura, Wally Scott’s hometown, where together they had played with the Flares in Invercargill.

    Jimmy Hill’s mother was Elsie Hill QSM.

    Elsie was awarded the QSM in 1982 for musical services provided to the community over her lifetime.


  3. Dave Fuller says:

    Well a small world – when talking to my mum a few months before she passed away – we were talking about Ray and to my astonishment she informed me that Ray’s grand-dad and mine (her Dad) were brothers – (nee Hodge).


  4. Sally Hannabus says:

    Thanks for that info as I’m looking at an eHive site in connection with Mataura Historical Society which features Elsie Hill and her QSM.I thought it would be fitting to add that she was the mother of Jimmy Hill who had his beginnings in Mataura. Btw are you connected to (late) Wilson Heaps at all?


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