Weather With You


Saturday’s bonus for New Zealand Muisc Week – chosen because it’s been raining all day – hope it’s also falling where it’s needed most.

Crowded House with Weather With You.

Keeping Stock’s contribution today was Sunshine Day from Spacifix

Inquiring Mind  visited Blues, Brews and BBQs where he found Handsome Giants from Shayne Wills,  Bullfrog Rata and Freddy Limbert  and gave us a bonus with How Bizarre from OMC.

Banking for beginners


This came in an email which said  it came from a 1957 edition of Punch.

Whether or not it did, it made me smile:
Q: What are banks for? 
A: To make money. 
Q: For the customers? 
A: For the banks. 
Q: Why doesn’t bank advertising mention this? 
A: It would not be in good taste. But it is mentioned by implication in references to reserves of £249,000,000,000 or thereabouts. That is the money they have made. 
Q: Out of the customers? 
A: I suppose so. 
Q: They also mention Assets of £500,000,000,000 or thereabouts. Have they made that too? 
A: Not exactly. That is the money they use to make money. 
Q: I see. And they keep it in a safe somewhere? 
A: Not at all. They lend it to customers. 
Q: Then they haven’t got it? 
A: No. 
Q: Then how is it Assets? 
A: They maintain that it would be if they got it back. 
Q: But they must have some money in a safe somewhere? 
A: Yes, usually £500,000,000, 000 or thereabouts. This is called Liabilities. 
Q: But if they’ve got it, how can they be liable for it? 
A: Because it isn’t theirs. 
Q: Then why do they have it? 
A: It has been lent to them by customers. 
Q: You mean customers lend banks money? 
A: In effect. They put money into their accounts so it is really lent to the banks. 
Q: And what do the banks do with it? 
A: Lend it to other customers. 
Q: But you said that money they lent to other people was Assets? 
A: Yes. 
Q: Then Assets and Liabilities must be the same thing? 
A: You can’t really say that. 
Q: But you’ve just said it! If I put £100 into my account the bank is liable to pay it back, so it’s Liabilities. But they go and lend it to someone else and he is liable to pay it back, so it’s Assets. It’s the same £100 isn’t it? 
A: Yes, but,. 
Q: Then it cancels out. It means, doesn’t it, that banks haven’t really any money at all? 
A: Theoretically. 
Q: Never mind theoretically! And if they haven’t any money, where do they get their Reserves of £249,000,000,000 or thereabouts? ? 
A: I told you. That is the money they have made. 
Q: How? 
A: Well, when they lend your £100 to someone they charge him interest. 
Q: How much? 
A: It depends on the Bank Rate. Say five and a-half percent. That’s their profit. 
Q: Why isn’t it my profit? Isn’t it my money? 
A: It’s the theory of banking practice that all. 
Q: When I lend them my £100 why don’t I charge them interest? 
A: You do. 
Q: You don’t say.. How much? 
A: It depends on the Bank Rate. Say a half percent. 
Q: Grasping of me, rather? 
A: But that’s only if you’re not going to draw the money out again. 
Q: But of course I’m going to draw the money out again! If I hadn’t wanted to draw it out again I could have buried it in the garden! 
A: They wouldn’t like you to draw it out again. 
Q: Why not? If I keep it there you say it’s a Liability. Wouldn’t they be glad if I reduced their Liabilities by removing it? 
A: No. Because if you remove it they can’t lend it to anyone else. 
Q: But if I wanted to remove it they’d have to let me? 
A: Certainly. 
Q: But suppose they’ve already lent it to another customer? 
A: Then they’ll let you have some other customers money. 
Q: But suppose he wants his too and they’ve already let me have it? 
A: You’re being purposely obtuse.
Q: I think I’m being acute. What if everyone wanted their money all at once? 
A: It’s the theory of banking practice that they never would. 
Q: So what banks bank on, is not having to meet their commitments? 

Meanwhile back in the real world . . .


The oppposition is filibustering over two bills  to establish the Auckland supercity.

Down here on the right side of the Waitaki we might regard supercity as an oxymoron with or without Auckland attached, but that is a debate for another post.

The opposition is filibustering because that’s what they do when they know the government has the numbers and all they can do to pretend they’re not impotent, is to delay the inevitable. No doubt if the boot was on the other foot, at least some of those those complaining about the waste of time and money would be squandering it and defending it as a valid weapon in their democratic armoury.

Meanwhile back in the real world how many constituents have been at best inconvenienced  because the appointments made to see their MPs yesterday and today have had to be cancelled? How many functions at which MPs would have played an integral role will now have to go on without them?

All because their elected representatives aren’t working in their electorates as they normally do for a good part of the time from Friday to Monday inclusive. They’re stuck in Wellington, petending it’s still Thursday, while the farce which democracy becomes in such circumstances grinds slowly to its inevitable conclusion.

UPDATE: With a hat tip to Macdoctor I see that Tariana Turia walked out of the debating chamber  yesterday because while she opposes the bills she is unimpressed by Labour’s behaviour.

Mrs Turia said her party was strongly opposed to the legislation, but said Labour had taken it too far and was wasting taxpayers’ money and valuable constituency time.

“But for the first time ever, I walked out of the House totally disgusted with this behaviour, which Labour thought was very amusing.”

She understands the importance of constituency time and once again the Maori Party shows it’s more concerned about people, and shows Labour up for concentrating on politics.

This is why they lost the Maori seats, why there was a bluewash through the provincical seats and why they lost the election.

Politics might matter in Wellington but here in the real world they should come a very distant second to people.

Tractor for sale, farm thrown in for free


An International 574 tractor is probably more than 25 years old and would normally sell for about $5,000.

The latest bid for the one being offered on TradeMe is for $155,800 It:

. . . has a bucket, folks and a back blade.

Folks? I think they mean forks but there’s nothing special about that or anything else to do with the the tractor,  it’s that there’s a farmlet being thrown in for free.

The 20 acre (that’s about 8 hectares) farm is in the Catlins and comes with foundations, presumably for a house and they’ve had an engineer’s approval to build). The property also boasts a woolshed, workshop, large woodshed, two creeks, native bush, some grown and pruned pines, and has power and swerage connected.

 It is on 3 terraces and with the layout of the land will be an exceptional site. There is another building site on top of the hill where the view is great, looking down the valley. Or simply have it as a great home block with the best group of locals you will find anywhere.

The QV is $260,000.

Some of the questions and answers:

Q:Where the heck is Caitlins….no idea where it is……

 A:The Catlins runs between Balclutha in Otago and Invercargill. I was tar sealed a few years ago and is now a jewel in our tourist crown. I had been in International news as being in the top destinations of the world. Unreal beaches and sceanary. Is an ideal setup for a camping ground, restraunt etc etc. Clutha and Southland Councils carn’t keep up with the infrstructure as the growth has been unprecidented.

Q: does it rain much there ?

A: Compared to Auckland no, It has a good regular rain that it does not drought. Saying that it has one of the best drainging soils in NZ. We looked into turning it into a Hazelnut orchard.

Q: Are there any planned or designated motorways or tunnels planned within close proximity to the property?
A: Haha, This is the South Island, we are very careful who we put in power down here….

 And a couple of poignant ones, the second from someone who doesn’t know that you judge tractors by hours used not kilometres travelled:

Q:Why are you selling up what apears to be all your land/house??

A:My husband has been here all his life and we want to have a look around and travel for a while. We bought the farm to put into a business or an orchard and up until bedtime last night we were going to take it off the market and keep it as a base for us for the future. But he said to list it for a $1 and now it’s too late to change our minds. This is why you shouldn’t make decesions when you are tired.

Q: what year and how many kms has the tractor done?

A:I am not sure what year the tractor is as my husband is at work. We bought it last year to do the fencing and farm work, it has never missed a beat, we have it here in Gore if you want to see it, It gets looked after better than I do.

Q: you didn’t mention anything about delivery?. I bought the house in Browns Bay at the $1 reserve auction, it really works. You will get a great price for a fabulous looking piece of Catlins. Good Luck .
A: Buyer must pick up.

Q: Were you really “tar sealed a few years ago”? Sounds extremely painful.

A: Lol. “IT” was tar sealed a few years ago. Thats what happends when I couldn’t sleep all night from wondering just what we had done. I carn’t believe we did this, It was going to be our back up for the future and now I think I need help. I guess I shouldnt have been such a dutiful wife lol.

But she retains her sense of humour:

Q: Here’s a link to a Google Maps Street View of the property, you can follow it around the road but there isn’t any good satellite view over top of the property.

A: No, I made sure there was good cloud cover when they took it as I was having a shower under a tree and I am quite a private person.

Q: Good God, what have you done??!!! Now all those North Island yuppies will see just how mind blowing gorgeous our part of the country is and the next thing you’ll they all be here! Best of luck with your listing, and with whatever you do later down the track  🙂

A: Have you got any idea how many people down here have said the same thing.

You’ll have to follow the link to TradeMe above to find out how to get the answer to the question of how to get the peg marks out of tea bags.
The auction closes at 10pm tomorrow next Sunday.


Hat Tip: ODT

Love in a Fowl House


I haven’t been able to find a video of Love in a Fowl House but NZ Folksong  has the lyrics and the story of how Garner Wayne came to write the song:

Garner and his teenage daughter were out by the chook house one day in 1965 and the roosters were chasing the hens. She was feeling sad about a boy at school and he told his daughter that the chooks had problems too.

To cheer her up he started making chicken noises and “Love in a Fowlhouse” was born.

In a decade when some other Kiwi song-writers and poets were abandoning their children and then writing self-pitying lines about their unfulfilled lives, Wayne was listening to his daughter and was using humour to cheer her up and guide her.

Behind his funny clucking and rooster crows was good parental advice on what to look for in a partner. “Look for a boy who thinks you are nicer than any other girl, who loves youand wants to marry you, who will support you and stay with you for life, and raise a family with you.”

A modern Ms may not need the support you in the financial sense as her mother or grandmother did, but is support in its wider sense and the other criteria any less relevant now than they were in 1963?

Cheryl Moana Marie – John Rowles


Day 16 of the tune a day challenge for New Zealand Music Month.

In 1969 John Rowles was invited to represent New Zealand at the Rio de Jenero music festival, he wrote a song specially for it, inspired by his sister. Cheryl Moana Marie became a top 50 hit in the USA, was number one in New Zealand and Australia and was chosen for a UNESCO song book.

It had a revival here last year when Rowles sang it in a cameo appearance in Second Hand Wedding.

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