No political capital left

One theory about Jacinda Ardern’s early retirement is that she couldn’t get the Maori caucus to moderate their demands, realised she couldn’t win the election if she gave in to them so gave up.

Or was it this:


The new leader needs support of  2/3 of the whole caucus or the leadership will go out to the wider party.

Whether or not Ardern lost the battle with the Maori caucus, its members will have a big say in the vote for the party’s next leader and Prime Minister.

What policy promises will they extract as a price for their support and what will that do for the political capital of the new leader and the party as a whole?

3 Responses to No political capital left

  1. pdm1946 says:

    I think Thomas Cramer has got it right when he says that Ardern could get acceptance from her colleagues for the Cabinet changes proposed. Demoting Mahuta and Jackson was never going to accepted by either personally and/or the (so called) Maori Caucus.

    Good thinking TC because no one else that I have seen has mentioned that aspect.


  2. adamsmith1922 says:

    Reblogged this on The Inquiring Mind.


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