First world power supply

We’re just four weeks away from major power shortages unless the hydro lakes get topped up.

Auckland Regional Council deputy chairman Michael Barnett said he did not think Civil Defence was over-reacting.

“I’m thinking of an exporter … ” said Mr Barnett, who is also Auckland Chamber of Commerce chief executive. “Is he talking to his clients offshore today about his June-July deliveries and saying, ‘You will have to wait until I see if the village generator is working that week’? That to me is a nonsense.”

 Oh dear. We’ve had strong nor westers since yesterday morning which usually means precipitation in the mountains, but at this time of year that’s much more likely to be snow than rain.

One Response to First world power supply

  1. truthseekernz says:

    Nice to see Bryan Leyland in the print on the weekend saying the same thing I’ve been saying for years about the electricity reforms.

    “Among the failures of the present market is the absence of any incentive to build spare capacity. That’s why we’re where we are today.”

    Just one more example – a datapoint – that markets aren’t always the best way to run things. As such is represents a challenge to the faith that underpins many well known policies from a variety of political parties. It pays to be pragmatic rather than religious…….We’d have more power to get us through.


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