Two Wronged Not Right


Several bloggers are blaming the Prime Minister because a disabled man was forced to walk 200 metres along a wet street.

Her car was blocking disabled car parks outside the Christchurch Town Hall and police wouldn’t allow his wife to park there. But Helen Clark was in the Town Hall at the time and knew nothing of the incident until contacted by media.

She can’t be blamed for where her driver parks and the over officious actions of the police.

The headline : PM forces disabled man to walk is not a fair representation of the facts. Just as the headline What war? Key’s abridged history and story about John Key’s comments on New Zealand’s relatively peaceful past were not a fair version of what he said either.

Balanced reporting doesn’t mean getting stuck into the Labour leader unfairly today because National’s leader was misrepresented yesterday.

Do You Want Cheese With That?


NZ Conservative reports that cheese is now an optional extra on Dominos pizzas.

That explains the comment under the masthead at Half Done: No Dairy Products Kept on this Blog Overnight.

Porn in the Paddock


Most city people who move to the country adapt well, but there are always the odd exceptions who can’t, or won’t, understand that agriculture and horticulture are not nine to five businesses; and that necessary activites aren’t always quiet and sweet smelling.

City slickers considering a quieter life in the country be warned: farmers are not going to stop their early morning milking or their dogs from barking so you can get a good night’s sleep.

And some daytime farming practices aren’t exactly seemly:

Waikato Federated Farmers president Stew Wadey said he had fielded a number of complaints from newcomers unused to the smells, sounds and sights in the country.

“We’ve had a straight-laced person from higher society move into a lifestyle block and she was appalled that we had a bull servicing the cows, which is obviously a natural process. She complained it was provocative and pornographic.”

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