Has Xtra been breached again?

April 10, 2013

Has Xtra’s email been breached again?

We’ve had several messages in the last couple of days from Xtra addresses with nothing but a link to a website.

They’ve all come from people we know but we haven’t risked clicking on the links.

How safe is changed password?

February 18, 2013

Telecom has been urging customers to change passwords for their Xtra email accounts after a security breach.

the company has cancelled thousands of passwords and says they’ve been  assured by Yahoo the problem is now sorted.

But is it?

. . . Institute of IT Professionals NZ CEO told NBR ONLINE over the weekend that his members continue to investigate the possibility that Xtra address books and email were downloaded for later use by the hackers. Telecom and Yahoo acknowledge the nature of the Yahoo mail server security breach meant it was possible this had taken place. But both say there is so far no evidence it happened. Mr Matthews asks if there’s any evidence it didn’t.

The direct mail server security breach meant phishing emails were sent to the contacts of some people who were not actively using their Xtra account, let alone clicking on a dodgy link. . .

Ours was one of the accounts which had its password cancelled and we had no trouble resetting it.

But no evidence that address books and emails were downloaded for later use could just mean they haven’t been used yet.

Tech fairy having tantrum?

February 2, 2012

Is the tech fairy having a tantrum?

I lost Google Reader, got it back but now it’s gone again, can’t do Google searches nor get into Xtra email, though I can get messages with another address.

I tried clicking on a couple of blogspot blogs and can’t get them either.

Xtra spam problems getting worse

February 2, 2009

Ever since Xtra changed to Yahooxtra some months ago we’ve had on-going problems with its spam filter.

Several times a week legitimate emails go into spam and almost every day several spam messages get through to the inbox.

If I don’t check the spam every day or so there can be 100s of messages so it’s easy to miss a few bona fide emails among the many I don’t want.

Today when I checked the spam there was a relatively modest total of 64 messages but 33 of them were legitimate. A few were press releases which go to multiple addresses which can trigger a spam-alert but most were messages sent only to us.

How offers of cheap watches, fake degrees and sex aids get through when killing sheets from the freezing works, an Air NZ  boarding pass, Federated Farmers newsletter and ministerial press releases don’t is beyond me.


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