Wyomin’s Gone and Done It


This Friday’s poem had to be about women’s suffrage and I found Wyomin’s Gone and Done It here.

While we celebrate that New Zealand was the first country to give women the right to vote, in 1893, New Zealand women weren’t the first to vote. The Territory of Wyoming passed the Women’s Suffrage Act in 1869 and when Wyoming became a state in 1889 it retained the legislation.

  (State of Wyoming , 1889)
Wyomin’s gone and done it!
Why, they must be plumb insane.
There’s gotta be a reason….
maybe water on the brain.
They gave the vote to women.
They done it, God forbid.
God save our noble country
from the dastard deed they did.
They gave the vote t’ women.
They can vote just like the men.
That state’ll never prosper
or be the same again.
Them western states have always spawned
a crazy kind a’ breed.
I’ve long suspected Western folk
were smokin’ loco weed.

Wyomin’s gone and done it-
such a vile and devilish deed!
The pity is they ever taught
them females how t’ read.
Them cowboys ain’t the brightest.
Why couldn’t they at least
learn to keep their women
in their place, like men out East.

A female’s place is in the home
a’ carin’ for the men;
a’ cookin’, cleanin’, tendin’ kids.
That’s how it’s always been
Women just ain’t like us men.
They lack our common sense.
They ought t’ leave the vote to men…
it takes intelligence.
Wyomin’s gone and done it…..
passed a Suffrage Act somehow.
Them Suffragettes are all stirred up.
God help our country now!

Bette Wolf Duncan
copyright©2001 All rights reserved


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