New Zealand Cup picks

November 13, 2010

Fresh from proving I know nothing about horses with my Melbourne Cup picks I’ve had a look at the field for the New Zealand Cup which is being run at Riccarton today:

  1. Butch James
  2. Kerdem
  3. Titch
  4. Zabene
  5. Bakup
  6. No Cash
  7. Chase The Sun
  8. Blood Brotha
  9. Roi d’jeu
  10. Electronic Socks
  11. Nightime Jockey
  12. Outrage
  13. Aronsay
  14. Ginella
  15. Seaflyte
  16. Wotabuzz
  17. Yours
  18. Showcause
  19. Prix Du Sang
  20. Iriodes (scratched)
  21. The Jungle Boy
  22. Dadzadreamer
  23. Bradnor
  24. Selenus

My picks are:

Zabene (because the jockey will be wearing blue).

Electronic Socks (because the name amuses me).

and Wotabuzz (because it would be if it won).

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