Opera flashmob at W(h)anganui market


TV3 has the story.

Centralising specialist services can be better


A shortage of specialists has resulted in a plan to move specialist maternity care from Whanganui to Palmerston North.

At the moment specialist care, such as medical inductions and epidurals, are provided at both Wanganui and Palmerston North Hospitals.

The proposed move of specialist care to Palmerston North could have a direct impact on up to 400 woman in Wanganui.

the Whanganui and MidCentral District Health Boards the change is being driven by a shortage of specialist staff.

Problems with recruiting and retaining obstetrics and gynaecology specialists at both boards has reached a level where current arrangements can’t continue without risking the safety and quality of the care.

Women having uncomplicated births won’t be affected.

This will cause an outcry in Whanganui but centralising specialist services can be better for patients, staff and budgets.

Patients get the high level care they need, staff get more collegial support, and the budget for equipment doesn’t have to cover two locations.

North Otago women have had to go to Dunedin for specialist care for years. Providing the mother and baby don’t require on-going specialist care they are able to transfer back to Oamaru soon after the birth.


North Otago won – now it’s Southland’s turn


North Otago leads the Heartland rugby race for the Meads Cup after a 21-16 win against W(h)anganui in Oamaru this afternoon.

Pleased as I am about that, I won’t be celebrating until the end of the Ranfurly Shield challenge tonight.

I’d back Canterbury against any team from the north but my first allegiance is with teams from the right side of the Waitaki River so I’m hoping Southland holds tight to the shield tonight.

UPDATE: 26-16. Ah well, at least the shield is still on the Mainland.

To h and not to h that is the decision


Who’d want to be Maurice Williamson, Minister of Land Information charged with making the decision on whether or not it’s Wanganui or Whanganui?

Neither will please everybody so he’s opted for both.

Wanganui is to be given its “h” back in a compromise under which Government agencies will have to follow the new spelling but others will have a choice.

I’m impressed with this diplomatic decision. Government agencies w(h)ill have to do as they’re told and the rest of us can do what w(h)e w(h)ant.

What the h? – Updated


What’s in an h?

A name with any other letter would spell as sweet.

To h or not to h, that is the question put to the Geogrpahic Board and it decided unanimously to h Whanganui.

The Minister of Lands, Maurice Williamson has the power to confirm, modify or reject the decision.

Alas poor Wanganui we knew it well . . .


Quote Unquote has come up with the best reason for inserting the h:

But the basic principle here is that anything which annoys Michael Law must be good.

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