Cavorting with the Victorian domestic goddess


An appointment with the Victorian domestic goddess is one of the sell-out performances at Oamaru’s annual Victorian Heritage celebrations.

Last night we were invited to cavort with her and promised an evening of frivolity and pleasure should we do so.

The cavorting was of a decorous nature although there were some delightful double entendres in the badinage between the goddess and her friends.

We also learned the intricacies of Victorian sporting behaviour, vicariously enjoyed a seaside picnic with culinary dishes to delight any gentleman and experienced social behaviours and amusements in a colonial settlement.

We were given the option of sherry or lemon barley water as we entered. The evening finished with a supper of Victorian delicacies and we were sent home with a Cyclopedia of Valuable Recipes.

This treasure house of useful knowledge for the wants of everyday life includes instructions on how to make smelling salts, Spiced Rose Water for a Casting Bottle and Most Delicate Cucumber Sandwiches.

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