No logic and always risk


Two columns written in the wake of  Tuesday’s earthquake in Christchurch are worth reading in full:

Jim Hopkins:

Bad things happen. That’s it. There’s no logic to it, no reason for it. There’s no sense in it. If the world wants to shrug, it shrugs. Even that distorts the facts.

The world doesn’t want to shrug. It’s not a choice. Sometimes it shrugs. Most times it doesn’t. But sometimes it does. It just does. That’s it. . .

Deborah Hill-Cone:

. . .  We live in times where we are able to delude ourselves a lot of the time that we can manage the risks in our lives . . .

Among many other columns and stories on the quake are two first hand accounts of the horror (hat tip Keeping Stock):

The first is written by Press journalist Vicki Anderson and this written by an ambulance officer.

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