And today’s excuse is…


Inventory 2 has a guessing game over at Keeping Stock where he’s asking for suggestions for the diversionary tactics which Labour might employ to divert attention from Owen Glenn’s appearance before the privileges committee.

That inspired me to start another: what will today’s excuses be?

We’ve already had variations on: I didn’t know, I took his word, there was a conflict of evidence, we had a staff change, no-one told me, no-one asked me, it was nothing to do with me, it’s a media beat-up, it’s the vast right wing conspiracy at work and you’re picking on me. We’ve also had doubts cast on Glenn’s intelligence and character.

So what will it be today?

Imaginary chocolate fish will be awarded for the most creative, the most realistic and the most amusing suggestions. As for truth – if anyone came up with that I’m not sure we’d recognise it.

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