The Homely Ghost


This Tuesday’s poem is The H0mely Ghost by Marjory Nicholls.

Among other Tuesday poems linked in the sidebar are:

The geometry of water by Susan Landry

My Father by Andrew Bell which includes these lines:

At all the painful pinnacles of growing
my father was there like a crampon you know will not fail you. . .
That is a stunning simile and a wonderful tribute.

Tuesday’s poem invites


This Tuesday’s poem  invites entries for the Caselberg Trust’s inaugural competition.

Among the poems linked in the sidebar which caught my attention are:

Innocent’s Song by Charles Causley.

Bouquet of Dead Flowers by David Eggleton.

Near Morning by Melissa Green.

For Thomas on His First Birthday by Andrew Ball.

 House by Renee Liang.

Cow Poem


Tuesday’s poem goes rural this week with Cow Poem by Chris Mansell.

Other Tuesday poems with links in the sidebar include:

Under the Influence by Mary McCallum.

A Manner of Speaking by Clare Beynon.

Rudyard Kipling’s Smuggler’s Song at An Affliction of Poetry took me back to primary school:

If you wake at midnight, and hear a horse’s feet,
Don’t go drawing back the blind, or looking in the street,
Them that ask no questions isn’t told a lie.
Watch the wall my darling while the Gentlemen go by.
Five and twenty ponies,
Trotting through the dark –
Brandy for the Parson, ‘Baccy for the Clerk.
Laces for a lady; letters for a spy,
Watch the wall my darling while the Gentlemen go by!  . .

Then there’s two which are both sad and powerful:

Vesper Sparrow’s How I died and Harvey McQueen’s Life Sentence.

The Hand That Signed the Paper


The Hand That Signed the Paper by Dylan Thomas was this Tuesday’s poem.

Among the 0ther Tuesday poets linked in the side bar which caught my eye were:

Ruby the Dark Haired Girl (1887-1997) at Bigger Than Ben Hur.

How to Pour Madness into a Teacup by Abegail Morely at A Writer’s Life.

Influenza at Vesper Sparrow’s Nest.

And Masking Tape’s a Must by Clare Beynon.

The Time of the Giants


The Time of the Giants by Anne Kennedy is this Tuesday’s Poem.

Among contributions from other Tuesday poets  are:

 Deep Sea Swimming by Pam Morrison at Cadence.

Harvey McQueen’s Reading Janet Frame at Stoatspring.

Sotto Voce by Clare Beynon at All Finite Things reveal Infinitude.

Thanks by W.A. Merwin at Belinda Hollyer.

Savai’i by Mary McCallum, at O Audacious Book.

And Mariana Isara at Type What You See chose Being the Poem from Walt Whitman’s preface to Leaves of Grass.

Two Photographs


Two versions pf  Two Photographs  by Geoffrey Lehmann were chosen for this Tuesday’s poem.

The first is a 1970s one, the second a 2010 one.

Among the links in the side bar is one to Helen Heath’s post on shedding belongings and responses to it.

My Soul’s Companion


This Tuesday’s Poem is My Soul’s Companion by Doug Poole.

It’s a prose poem and is accompanied by a painting by the poet’s partner, Penny Howard.

Among the other contributions from Tuesday poets linked in the sidebar are Afterword by Clare Beynon and Harvey’ McQueen’s Unexpected Tui.

The Moonmen


This week’s Tuesday Poem is The Moonmen by Anna Livesey.

Among the links to other Tuesday poets are Taking Liberties On Birthdays by Clare Beynon and The Hospital by Mary McCallum.



This Tuesday’s Poem is Time by Ursula Bethell.

Among the links to other Tuesday Poets in the sidebar is Marina Isara’s choice: Three poems on meeting someone by Lucy Orbell.

While on poetry, With Words is inviting entries in an international haiku competition.

Love at Livebait


This Tuesday’s Poem is Love At Livebait by Gillian Clarke.

As always the links in the sidebar lead to other poems.

I read  Havey McQueen’s Just So: A Love Poem of Sorts  last night and am still thinking about it. It follows a post  he wrote about Inclusion Body Myositis, which makes the poem even more poignant.



This Tuesday’s poem is extracts from Sab  by Maria McMillan.

The sidebar has links to other Tuesday poets.

I was moved by Cheers – the poem and the explanation which followed – by Harvey McQueen at Stoatspring.

And was charmed and impressed by both Where She Comes From by Clare Beynon and the story behind it.

 This doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the other offerings, just that these two stood out.

Auntie Talking To Her Niece


But is it poetry? is a question often asked of modern poems from those who lament the lack of rhythm and rhyme.

They might also think that prose poem is an oxymoron.

But that’s the offering on this Tuesday’s Poem Auntie Talking to Her Niece by Joan Flemming.

In The Desert


In the Desert by Stephen Crane is this week’s Tuesday Poem.

Mary McCallum who started the blog discussed it with Jim Mora at the start of  The Panel on Tuesday.

It features a different poem each Tuesday and links in the sidebar take you to other poems and poetic musings.

Love by Eavan Boland


This week’s Tuesday’s Poem is Love by Eavan Boland.

Among the links in the sidebar is Why We Write part 2 at Lalialand which includes this gem:

When life gets you down, write your way back up.

Tuesday’s Poem on Wednesday


This week’s Tuesday’s Poem is Bill Manhire’s Nuptials.

Tuesday’s Poem


This Tuesday’s Poem is The Blue and White Tabelcloth by Carolyn McCurdie.

Among the links to other poems in the sidebar, is Mary McCallum’s Pink T-Shirt which is a deceptively simple celebration of joy.

I was also intrigued by S.L. Corusa’s On Marrying A Poet.

Tuesday’s poem


A couple of days late, but here it is: this Tuesday’s poem is: Midnight Sonata by Rebekah Tysoe.

She is a second year student studying for a Bachelor of Communications at Massey University and says:

“This is a poem I wrote about being afraid of the dark. It’s in musical terms, moving through the parts of a Sonata like a classical piece. The first Con Brio means with spirit, the next Adagio means at a walking pace, and the last Rubato means broadly. “

Tuesday’s Poem on Thursday


A couple of days late: this Tuesday’s Poem is Leaving The Tableland by Kerry Popplewell.

It was chosen by Tim Jones who said it showcases her skill at exploring the palce where landscape and memory meet. And it does.

Links on the right hand side of the page take you to others who write or feature a Tuesday Poem.

One of this week’s is Mother Ease by Pam Morrison at Cadence. A poem she says she wrote when  being mother was a defining role in my life. I wondered about other shapes ‘motherness’ might take.

Apropos of matters poetic, Beattie’s Book Blog has a couple of gems  on old age by Owen Marshall.

Tuesday’s poem


This Tuesday’s poem is The Jubilant Butter Thief chosen by Fifi Colston.

The sidebar has links to other blogs who post a Tuesday poem – their own or what my Scottish aunt would call some other body’s. Among these are: Family Man by Tim Jones;  Claire Beynon’s choice Late in the Day by David Howard and Mary McCallum’s A Poem.

Tuesday’s poem on Thursday


A couple of days late (again) with Tuesday’s poem:  Hadaly by Chris Price.

One of the other poems on blogs linked in the sidebar which appealed was Janet Frame’s Before I Get Into Sleep With You at Schroedinger’s at – so much expressed in just 15 words.

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