Good policing

January 16, 2009

Full marks to the police for the swift arrest  of a man who has been charged in relation to rape and theft from Dutch tourists who were sleeping in their car in Tuatapere.

They’ve kept the wrong half of the promise

July 31, 2008

A Tuatapere courier driver has become blind in one eye while waiting for cataract surgery.

 John Harvey, 70, has been waiting for the surgery on his right eye since having the procedure done to his left eye in March 2005 at Dunedin Hospital.

And now he’s been told Southland Hospital’s ophthalmology department is accepting only sight-threatening referrals until further notice.

Remember how Labour promised in 1999 that if we paid a little more tax they’d fix health?

In spite of taking a lot more tax the health system is ailing which means they’ve kept the wrong half of the promise.

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