Kiwiblog 1 – troll 0

February 13, 2011

Not being one of the most popular blogs in the country has some advantages,  among which is being mercifully unworried by trolls and mad comments.

I don’t always agree with what people say in comments but I rarely have reason to remonstrate with them on the way they say it.

Last week, for the first and I hope last time, I deleted a comment without explanation because it was a personal attack on someone else, dripping in vitriol and full of baseless asertions.

The person who left it took the hint and hasn’t returned.

David Farrar  has many more visitors to Kiwiblog and the downside of that is that his blog is attractive to trolls. He gets round that problem by requiring people to register if they want to comment and has a demerit system for those who break his rules.

One of those he banned has been stupid enough to threaten to sue him.

Kiwiblog 1 – troll 0.

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