Flag of the day


The Flag Consideration Panel is inviting people to upload designs for a new flag.

There’s more than 1000 in the gallery already.

I plan to feature one most days.

Today’s is Te Waka by Trevor Andrews:







Apropos of the flag change process, Heather du Plessis-Allan writes:

. . . Google “Union Jack flags of the colonies”. You’ll find a picture of the Union Jack surrounded by, well, the flags of the colonies. They have one thing in common. Union Jacks blimmin’ everywhere.

India had a giant Jack, so it looked exactly like Britain’s flag except for the little sun right in the middle like a bullseye.

Canada had the red version of our flag except for a complicated shield where our Southern Cross is.

And, like the flag for South Africa and Tasmania and the early version of Malaysia, it had a little Union Jack in the right hand corner. Just like us.

Except, they don’t any more. They all changed their flags. And when you see all those old flags together, it feels like that little Union Jack in the right hand corner isn’t something special to us. It’s a stamp.

It means: these places belong to Britain. So, as for those of the other colonies, our flag will eventually change. If we don’t do it, maybe our grandkids will. . .

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