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Povertous – impoverished, poor, poverty-stricken.

Hat tip: Today is My Birthday

Word of the day


Mumpsimus –  A traditional custom or notion adhered to although shown to be unreasonable;  a person who obstinately adheres to such a custom or notion.

                       Adherence to or persistence in an erroneous use of language, memorization, practice, belief, etc., out of habit or obstinacy.

                       An ignorant and bigoted opponent of reform.

                       An obvious error that is obstinately repeated despite correction.

Hat tip: Today is my Birthday via Quote Unquote.

Let’s not be shy about asking for help


Begging letter of the day:

Dear The Bloggess (Jenny) –

First of all this email is not about advertising but this was the only
address I could find, which is understandable because otherwise you would
probably have crazy people emailing you day and night wanting mad things,
which leads me directly to my next point.

I am from Christchurch in New Zealand. Sheeps and hobbits. But also
earthquakes. We had a big earthquake and now it turns out that while the
good thing about an earthquake is that you can be completely obnoxious then
say, “Oh, sorry, that’s the earthquake talking” there are also bad things,
like it squashes your central business district and also some of your
friends.  Probably I shouldn’t say squashed. Basically, we are fucked.
Excuse foul language, it is the earthquake talking. . .

You’ll find the rest at The Bloggess – I blame the earthquake.

It was written by Ally at Today Is My Birthday.

Was Pooh Bear a romantic?


Discussion with Noelle McCarthy on Critical Mass began with the Last Post on Stoatspring in which Anne Else, his widow, gave the news of his death.

In response to that she is now using her blog, Elsewoman, to write about learning to live by herself for the first time in her life.

Still on the subject of love we looked at the 10 most romantic lines in English Literature.

Emily Bronte penned the winning words: ” Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same” in Wuthering Heights.

A.A. Milne’s Pooh Bear (or was it Christopher Robin to Pooh?) was voted second with:  “If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you” .

If you find this to sugary, pop across to Today Is My Birthday for Ally’s amusing reaction to the romance.

Hot blogger


Sunday (the Sunday Star Times’ magazine which isn’t  online) doesn’t have a very high opinion of bloggers.

Its Hot List  includes a Hot Blogger and says:

It’s hard work finding a New Zealand blogger who isn’t boring or scary or just so relentlessly right wing we’d rather go baby seel seal shootin’ with Sarah Palin than read another post.

Where would you start in countering all that?

But one slow afternoon we happened upon Ally Mullord. She’s in a brass bad. She’s also in advertising. Her best (and original) blog, at terriblyexciting.blogspot.com, is snappy, and smart and covers things relevant to our interests, such as silly games to play in the car and how mess-up it is that strawberries aren’t technically berries. Last year she was  nominated for a Bloggie, which is a very big deal – an Oscar for bloggers. Mullord’s second-best blog lives on the 3News site and is much more suitable for reading at work. . .

Catherine Woulfe, who award the hot spot to the blog, which might be better known as Today is My Birthday,   also gave honourable mentions to Ben Gracewood at ben.geek.nz, Hussein Moses at theconrner.co.nz and Stephen Stratford for Quote Unquote.

Did you see the one about . . .


Brilliance from my very good friend Tim – Eye to the Long Run on paraprosdokians.

The importance of low inflation and tax cuts – Kiwiblog shows why wage rises aren’t enough by themselves.

You know you’re living in 2010 when. . .  Laughy Kate on 21st century life.

Stuck – Today Is My Birthday on the dangers of forgetting your key.

Not all social media is bad – Quote Unquote finds humour on Twitter.

Random Wodehouse quotes (Hat Tip: Beattie’s Book Blog).

Did you see the one about . . .


Chris Trotter on party central – Dim Post at his satirical best again.

I feel such a failure – Quote Unquote’s confounded by his chidlren’s cultural choices.

Just when you think we’re over the recessionary hump – Alf Grumble is worried about camel milk.

Packing myself – Today Is My Birthday shows bigger is better when it comes to suitcases.

Otago Museum Kiwiblog took time out from the International Science Festival to visit the museum.  He also did  the Speights Brewery tour and a Monarch cruise

Stimulus in pictures – Not PC  shows what the money didn’t do.

Why I’ve fallen behind on my reading – Karl du Fresne didn’t find much to like on television.

Did you see the one about . . .


Want to win $100,000? rivettingKateTaylor has a run down on the National Bank Young Farmer of the Year finalists. 

Death shapes us all – Alison Campbell at Sciblogs finds death contributes to life.

She also looks at sensing nonsense and gives the reporter an F for assertions not based on facts.

Dig in or adapt. The effect of political views on changing one’s mind – still at Sciblogs, Darcy Cowan looks at the persistance of political misperceptions.

What would I like to see . . . Adolf at No Minister gives his Budget requests.

Day 13 – done! – there’s a new kitchen at In A Strange Land.

Unemployment solved!! Anti Dismal isn’t convinced.

ELEPHANTÉ  Today Is My Birthday on miniature elephants  (Hat Tip Sentence of the day from Quote Unquote).

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