Tuesday’s answers


Monday’s questions were:

1.Who wrote Tall Tales (Some True)?

2. Who said:” I can still deliver the goods because I can honestly say I’ve got everything I had 20 years ago….it’s just all a bit lower”?

3. Which is the highest mountain in the Americas?

4.Who won the first Skellerup Young Farmer of the Year contest and who won this year’s National Bank Young Farmer title??

5. What is a shrievalty?

Paul T gets the electronic bunch of flowers for getting 4 1/2 right; Gravedodger got two correct, he earned a bonus for admitting he hadn’t read one of the questions correctly and another for doing penance; Ray gets a bonus for honesty and PDM gets one for humour.

The answers follow the break:

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South Island 1st & 2nd in Young Farmer contest


Tim O’Sullivan of Pleasant Point, representing the Aorangi Region, is the 1009 National Bank Young Farmer of the year.

Richard Copland from Gore, representing the Otago-Southland Region was runner-up just four points behind.

rivettingKate Taylor gives a first hand report.

The Manawatu Standard’s report is here.

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