Otago one of world’s beautiful universities


The Telegraph has photos of 16 of the world’s most beautiful universities.

There among the venerable institutions of Oxford, Havard, Cape Town, Moscow State, Bologna, Toronto, Cambridge, Salamanca, Mumbai, Sydney, University of London’s Royal Holloway, Princeton, Xiamen, Queens Belfast and Yale is Otago.

The photo is of the registry building and clock tower at the emotional, if not geographical, centre of the campus.

Otago, though much younger, is the closest we have to a university city like Oxford which we visited in June.

My cousin’s daughter, who is studying there, took us to Balliol College for lunch then gave us a tour of places which were familiar through literature and films but so much more impressive in reality.

The buildings are beautiful and having a guide with local knowledge gave us a real appreciation of the history and traditions of the university.

Big bangs


If you’re in to big bangs you might enjoy The Telgraph’s 15 most explosive videos.

It includes films of what happens when you dump barrels of sodium in a lake and liquid nitrogen in a swimming pool.

For those who appreciate beauty more than bangs, there’s also this one of a slow motion water balloon bursting:

Hat Tip: Alison Campbell at Sciblogs who has a cautionary tale about sodium down a loo.

My Music maestro Steve Race has died


The radio played a big role in my childhood in the 60s, when television was new and not in many homes.

We listened to a lot of British programmes, among which was My Music,  with quiz master Steve Race and panelists Denis Nordon, Frank Muir, John AMis and Ian Wallace.

Race, who featured in all the more than 520 programmes which were broadcast, died on Tuesday.

The Telegraph’s obituary is here.


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