Blame this . . .


. . . for my unrequited desire to participate in a food fight:

The Great Race was released in the 1960s. All these decades later it still makes me laugh.

366 days of gratitude


Oamaru’s Majestic theatre was overseen by Mr Horsborough. always immaculate in a dinner suit and bow tie even for matinée showings.

Those were the days when each session began with the National Anthem (God Save the Queen, not God Defend New Zealand) and everyone stood to attention while it played.

Back then, 10 cents was enough to get you in to the pictures (yes, they were the pictures then, not the movies) with enough change for a bag of acid drops and an ice cream at half time.

Ice cream at the picture theatre was rolled and pressed into cones, dipped in chocolate and kept in the deep freeze until half-time. It tasted all the better for it.

For all that 10 cents seems very cheap for an outing, we went to the movies only a few times a year. Favourite films included The Great Race, The Incredible Journey, National Velvet,  Herbie, My Fair Lady, The Great Escape,  Hayley Mills in The Truth About Spring and The Parent Trap and Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins and Thoroughly Modern Milly.

Watching a DVD of the latter this afternoon I realised that she wasn’t very modern at all. But there was an innocence to the film, the baddies were bad, the goodies were good and while there was love there was no sex.

It was a refreshing contrast to a lot of modern movies and what passes as news and I’m grateful for that.

The Great Race


Happy birthday Blake Edwards, 88 today.

This was my favourite film when I was a child and I blame it on never having grown out of the as-yet-unfulfilled desire to have a food fight.

I’d never do it but I’d like to


If I’d been asked to name the best film ever when I was a child I’d have had no hesitation in saying The Great Race.

I found it on DVD and watched it again a few years ago and was reminded of one of the reasons I’d liked it so much – the food fight.

The idea of throwing custard pies and other squishy dishes really appeals, but the thought of wasting good food and the mess that would have to be cleaned up afterwards would stop me trying it.

It will stay as one of the items on the list of things I’d like to do but won’t and because of that I’ll have to keep  getting my food fight fun vicariously through films.

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