Blogging mothers and introversion


Discussion with Jim Mora on Critical Mass continued last week’s look at the results of Technorati’s state of the blogosphere survey – concentrating on blogging mothers.

We also looked at caring for your introvert.

That was prompted by my name is Stephen and I am an introvert at Quote Unquote and shy egomaniacs at Rob’s Blockhead Blog.

Apropos of introversion and extroversion – if you Google Myers Briggs Personality Types you’ll find on-line tests which help you identify where you fit. However, given that a proper MBPT identification takes several hours witha trained facilitator the results should be regarded with caution.

I’ve done the proper test twice and both times came out as an INFP (introvert, intuitive, feeling, perceiving).

During an HR session at an agri-business discussion group we were given a brief introduction to the concepts then told to put ourselves on a line with high introvert at one side of the room and high extrovert at the other. All the couples in the group ended up with one on one side and the other on the other.

Critical Mass


Are the Humanities dying?

That was the starting question for my chat with Jim Mora on Critical Mass today.

It started with a column by Graeme Turner in the Australian: In the thrall purely to science.

That inspired two posts at Larvatus Prodeo by Mark Bahnisch here and here.

In one of those he referred to Stanley Fish: The Crisis of the Humanities Officially Arrives.

Club Troppo responded with The Humanities: passed on or just pining for the fjords?

We also briefly touched on the Technorati State of the Blogosphere 2010.

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