Tea Party Protest


That cup of tea which David Lange infamously stopped for 20 odd years ago came at the wrong time for New Zealand’s economy.

But fortunately many of the structural changes necessary for economic stability had been made and in spite of the last government’s anitpathy to the “failed” policies of the 80s most have largely been left untouched.

But the recession brings a new threat and if the government isn’t prepared to cut its coats to fit the cloth available today we’ll be creating debt which will dog the country and stunt its growth for many tomorrows.

 It’s tea party day in the USA, when communities across the country will be protesting against excessive government spending.

It’s an opportunity for us to let  our government know that it must curb its spending too because if it doesn’t  future growth will be strangled by too much debt.

Unlike the 1980s this might be the right time to pause for a cuppa.

Hat Tip: Fairfacts Media. 

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