Te Harinui

December 25, 2018

Te Harinui

December 25, 2017

Te Harinui

December 25, 2016

Te Harinui

December 25, 2015

Te Harinui

December 25, 2014

Not on a starry night

December 25, 2011

Traditional images of Christmas are northern hemisphere ones of winter.

Here in New Zealand, the first country in the world to greet the day, it is mid-summer.

This carol, Te Harinui was written by Willow Macky about what is thought to be New Zealand’s first Christmas service.

Te Harinui

Not on a snowy night
By star or candlelight
Nor by an angel band
There came to our dear land

Te Harinui
Te Harinui
Te Harinui
Glad tidings of great joy

But on a summer day
Within a quiet bay
The Maori people heard
The great and glorious word

Te Harinui . . .
The people gathered round
Upon the grassy ground
And heard the preacher say
I bring to you this day

Te Harinui . . .
Now in this blessed land
United heart and hand We praise the glorious birth
And sing to all the earth

Te Harinui . . .

YouTube has several versions of it.

Te Harinui

December 18, 2011

When I looked for Te Harinui a couple of years ago there was only one on YouTube, last year there were a couple and now there are several.

This one from the Twyford Singers is the best musically, though it would have been even better had they upped the tempo a bit so it sounds more like a song of celebration than a dirge.

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