Friday’s answers


Andrei gets my thanks for posing Thursday’s questions.

Should you have stumped us all you can claim a virtual batch of ginger crunch by leaving the answers below.

You also get a bonus virtual batch of shortbread for the topic. My father came from Dundee and a picture of the old Tay Bridge hung on the wall in my parents’ sitting room.

I knew of William McGonagall and his notoriety (Dunedin has an annual bad poetry competition in his honour). But I didn’t know about the Tay Bridge poem.

One thing led to another


The Telegraph published a feature on beautiful British bridges which was noticed by Not PC  who posted soem photos which were noticed by Hamish who posted some more photos including the one of the Tay Bridge in Dundee.

That led me to reminisce about a painting of the bridge my father had and to suggest no list of British bridges would be complete without the one in the Hundred Acre Wood on which Pooh used to play Pooh Sticks. That inspired Hamish to give the link to  All about Pooh Sticks.

At the bottom of the page was a link which invited me to play virtual Pooh Sticks but when I clicked on it I got a page-can’t-be-found message.

Bother, as Pooh was wont to say. I’ll have to be content with memories of playing on the real bridge and one which is almost as good –  the St David’s Street bridge in Dunedin.

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