Picked the wrong region


You could be forgiven if you’ve forgotten that Labour leader David Shearer launched his regional tour in Nelson last week because it was overshadowed by the party’s internal bickering.

Mind you it might not have got any more attention had their not been side shows.

Be that as it may, he went and he spoke about how the regions are going backwards.

If he’d done his homework he might have known, as Finance Minister Bill English does,  that Nelson isn’t going backwards, it’s growing:

 The ASB / Main Report Regional Economic Scoreboard for the March quarter ranks New Zealand according to 16 regional council areas. Among other things, it shows that the Tasman region has continued to edge up the scoreboard and now takes out the top spot. Businesses in the Tasman region are more likely to believe their assessment than the assessment of the Leader of the Opposition, who went there and told a very small audience that the Tasman economy was in poor shape.


If someone in Labour had done a little homework Shearer wouldn’t have launched his regions-going-backwards campaign in the region which is going forwards.

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