Autumn or spring?


February’s rain has painted the pastures spring green but a cold southerly a couple of weeks ago brought snow the the Kakanuis to remind us it’s autumn.


The Indian summer which followed melted the snow but frosts every monring suggest winter isn’t far away.

However, when I came across this on my morning walk this week I wondered:


Someone who knows more about swans than I do may correct me, but I thought they layed their eggs towards the end of winter and the cygnets hatched in spring.

Growing up


It really was just a few weeks ago that they were babies . . .



. . . and now they’re in their teens:


Deborah has a sort of related post In A Strange Land.

You don’t see this in a gym


On cold wet mornings, there’s not a lot to recommend walking round the farm as an exercise.

But on a sunny spring day it comes with bonuses such as this:

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