Plastic bag shortage hits charity


Sign on the window of a St Vincent de Paul op shop in Dunedin:

We Need Plastic Bags.

Another unexpected consequence of the campaign to get rid of plastic supermarket bags.

Flying Pig Alert


Supermarkets are going to start charging for plastic bags, the cost of which has until now been added to the price of everything they sell.

No doubt they’ll now take the cost of the bags off the price of everything else.

Sign of the times #1


The supermarket checkout operator told the customer in front of me her groceries cost $21.

The customer replied she had only $20.

The operator reached under the counter, brought out a change purse and handed the customer a dollar. She then paid the $21 she owed.

When it was my turn to be served, and the previous customer was out of hearing, I  asked if that happened often.

The operator said, “No, but more often than it used to.”

I asked if she got the money back.

She said, “Almost every time.”

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