Smokefree by choice


A Northland cafe is going completely smokefree:

Smoking indoors in not allowed in any cafe in the country, but Tawera Park is the only one to be smokefree outdoors as well. 

It backs on to Tawera Park, which must be smokefree under the new policy of the three Northland councils, for smokefree parks, playgrounds and sports grounds.

Ms Saramet says it was an easy decision to go completely smokefree.

“It’s a nice clean green image to maintain, especially in Whangarei which is a lovely green place and I think we need to embrace that. I think it’s a benefit,” she says. . .

The most compelling argument for not allowing smoking is the comfort of non-smoking customers.

Unless smokers are very considerate smoke from their cigarettes drifts over other people.

I’ve left a cafe before ordering because cigarette smoke from other diners was drifting in the open door.

Smoking is legal but someone’s right to smoke is trumped by others’ right to smoke-free air.

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